Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank you all...

A few Thank you's to kind friend.

1. Thank u ana for a delicious lasagna. I did not managed to snap any photos and i hope u dont mind me borrowing a picture from 'mon petite cafe' blog. Yes it was delicious and within minutes half of the foil content is resting nicely in my bloated tummy!!! hahaha..:)

2. Thank u yam for the pointers and tips on techniques, also for the crackle paint and mod podge! i love it to bits and tried to use it sparingly. Too precious to be wasted! hehehe..

3. Thank you aziyan for a delicious 'red velvet' cuppies. I have never tasted such unique mixture before and now i know why it's ur specialty!! heaven...hehehe. Ohh ya..again pls excuse me borrowing a photo from ur blog..:)


ABH said...

citer arrr kat ne leh i beli cuppies tu? menariikkkk gilerrrrrrr...dah terliur nih dowh!

ABH said...

babe, ana punyer kek batik pun sedappp moist loike, Jon pun loikeeeeeee

Amelia Khalik said... ajer kat word red belvet cuppies tuh. I dah link kan. My neyber jer beb..hehehe. Haah ana nyer kek batik pun sedap..i dah rasa dulu. Maybe next u can try her lasagna..:)

adriana az said... guys!!!so sweet of you to mention this here..akak sungguh2 terharu..huhuhuh..alhamdulillah,thank you and alhamdulillah thanks fromthe bottom of my heart for supporting me*big hug*to both of ya..

Lybeau said...

Lucky you...Amin surrounded with great friends...the cuppies looks YUM...xxoo

did u get my sms tak???..nothing just wanna says hi...

Amelia Khalik said...

Na that's what friends r for. We support each other right..btw kalo tak sedap sure we both tak mention kan but bcos it's really nice lah..:)

lybeau..alhamdulillah i have great individuals as friends!! No matter what each n everyone of them r all special in their own way n i'm thankful u guys accepted me d way i am...:)