Tuesday, January 19, 2010

iPhone Games Made In Malaysia - Bolla Rolla

Hey there peeps. Mr Hubby suggested I put an entry on his latest venture. One of his company, Toon Age studio develops a new game for iphone user named Bolla Rolla. It was launched today. Read below for more info.

Bolla Rolla Description :

Bolla Rolla will test your skills and tactical knowledge to roll safely through its 50 maps of dangerous dungeon labyrinth full of traps.

Your goal is simple, but rolling your 'bolla' through traps of spears and fireballs is not a laughing matter and will make you think twice about making your next move.

This game is created for the enjoyment of all ages and will truly test your patience.


- simple but challenging

- freedom to play any maps you desire.

- Colorful 3D graphics with great physics.

- smooth and responsive gameplay

- 3 levels of Difficulty

- 50 maps to complete (full version)

- more than 40 bolla country flags to choose

- compete for the top ranking with the fastest time.

- realistic sound effects

- support iPhone 3G,3GS and iPod Touch

Bolla Rolla is simple, fun and addictive. Play it today!

Developed by Toon Age Studio Sdn Bhd


So peeps support local product!! Download Bolla Rolla for a mere $1.99 USD. It’s cheap entertainment!! Hehehe….


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

ala babe...not an iphone user...bb takde?

Amelia Khalik said...

Verde..soon they will lauch for bb plak...so u tunggu yek nanti i uar2 kan..hehehe

Lybeau said...

Awesome... sis... tell your Hubby congrats.... great invention... xxoo

Amelia Khalik said...

Sis thanks..bini dia pun blom terror main lagi..hehehe geram!!!

Amelia Khalik said...
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naddy said...

congrats... too bad im not into games ehehehe