Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sc Kit Layout

Hey all..I've had a fun day..teaching my youngest student ever! She's 3 1/2!!! Hahaha..she's so cute. I had two of them actually her sister is 8. Seriously..that adorable gurl is such a sweetie. I was thinking of what she could do to help..i ask if she could cut n she said only straight line. I gave her the pattern papers and she end up cutting it to pieces!!! 

She didnt have a steady hand yet..told her to put glue on the butterfly she end up putting glue on the table too! Yeahhhh gotta laugh out loud and finally..can u guess what kept her glued to her seat??? U can never guess!!! I gave her buttons!!! Lots of it!!! She ended up counting those colourful thing and lining it up on her papers!!!! was a great day for me!!!! :)))))))

I still have smirk on my face thinking of her! I'd love to have her back..and maybe this time i'd be more prepared! Seriously i didnt know they were that young!!! I thought 10 or 11 yrs of age..the most..but 3 1/2. Yuppp caught me off guard too!!! lol..

Anyway, i'm sharing a layout done using my July Studio Calico kit. Not much really, i just did fussy cut, stamping and inking on the chipboard. I still have plenty of papers left, maybe will get one or two more lo done using this mth kit.

Gotta go now, see u gurls around soon...have a good week! :)))

Friday, July 29, 2011

TCR #69

I make it a point to blog early today in order to avoid the usual short posting i'm know with nowadays. Hahaha. Okay like always i love to ramble on every post, sorry if i bore most of my readers. Yup i know some are just here to peep on my latest work, some do spend time reading. It's perfectly do both! I'm happy

It's going to be a crazy weekend. The fasting month is here again for the muslim. I am so looking forward to it. I decided to keep my scrapping activity to the minimum and yes, less blog entry on Aug and maybe early sept due to 'Aidil Fitri Celebration'. I'll try to update and blog walk as often as i can. I promise i'll be back mid sept with a new class project for 'Papier'.

Okay, now that's said, straight to this layout for The Colour Room. Amazing colour palette this week. My page is bursting with orange and blue!!! Like always mistings and acrylic paint stamping for the background. A clustering of prima blooms and dusty attic chipboard. I stamped on the raw chipboard banner and add alpha to it. 

Do visit TCR for more amazing layout from the DT. Awesome talent from the members too!!! Hopefully i'll be back tomorrow and if i did not update over the weekend i'd like to wish all muslims 'Ramadhan Al Mubarak' ..:)))

Creative Scrapper 165

Ola ladies, first and foremost i'm sorry for always making a short entry. Aaahhh seems time is not in my favour. So this one has the same fate. A short one! A layout for creative scrapper done with depleting stash. I do need to stock up but yeah, still no time to go anywhere. Hopefully will be able to do so over the weekend.

Hope u enjoy looking. Take care and nite2 peeps...:))))

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Projects

Hey all, had too much fun today and feeling too lazy to open my lappy. So here i am sharing photos that i have in my iphone.

I have an atc's, pockets and mini album for a boy. All created within d month of July. Gotta say out of all months this could be my laziest ever. Seriously i can actually count how many projects/scrapbook layouts i come up with.

Maybe because i had too much goin on with other activities. Eerrr catching up on d social part too..hehehe. Mind u but ever since i started scrapbooking i've always prefer to hybernate at home than hanging out with friends but that changed recently!!! Lol..

If u wonder why i've got no answer seriously. Must be my hormones, it's acting up weird lately. So that's abt it today.

See u girls soon. Thanks for leaving a comment! Heart em a lot..*hugs* ..:)))

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunday Sketch @ Scrappin Studio

Hey all, come join me for a sunday sketch at scrappin studio and win urself a RM20 voucher. This week sketch is brought to u by Ms Jamie Lee. She did amazing sketch! I heart it a lot and here's what i come up with. All items is from my July Kit 'Mind The Gap'. 

Ever wonder how to use ribbon for a boy layout? Well, i did mine by stapling one end of the ribbon to pattern papers. That way it didn't seems too feminine..i think! Hahaha. Other than that i find the glitz stickers is just perfect for this layout. 

Do visit Scrappin Studio for the latest arrival and i would love to see ur creation, pls link them up here

Monday, July 25, 2011

Travel Journal

Hey peeps, i'm back for another short post! Hahaha..This time i did a Travel Journal for my postings at Papier. I've got to say..there is nothing much left in my dt kit after 2 layout and 1 wall hanging deco so i was thinking hard to make something paper less. Finally came up with this one. 

The front and back cover is from mounting board, i covered it up with a white corrugated paper. Add pattern paper, buttons and dymo marker to make the tags. That's about it. 

Thanks for dropping by, hope u'll be back soon! :))))

Sunday, July 24, 2011

TCR #68

Hey peeps, new colour palette at The Colour Room this week. I am convinced u will love em!!! as much as i do!!! So without further delay, here's my take. Yes..again playing with mists! You'll be seeing a lot more misting in future as i've got 3 more palettes to go! Hahaha..madness. 

I tried very hard to leave the background empty..i did but failed miserably!!! Ooohhhh i itch to just take out n play with paint and finally succumb to the temptation! Hahaha. Aaahhh i apologiszed if this is not ur cup of tea but every now and then i love to try at everything and anything. Still i feel i didn't quite perfect the technique yet.

Anyway, i hope u had fun looking. Come back soon ok..:))) 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scrappin Studio Layouts

Hey ladies, sorry but gonna keep this post short. Two layouts for Scrappin Studio using July kit 'Mind The Gap'. Both masculine layouts but the second one playing with pink n paper bloom. Hope you like what ur seeing. I'll be back soon with more entry. 

Have a good weekend..:)))

Friday, July 22, 2011

Altered Box etc...

Hey peeps, aren't u excited that the weekends approaching? I've got a line up of activities and will not be able to scrap! Hahaha. Anyway, recently i've been bugged with a copyright issue. I mean you'll know i'm teaching at a local scrap book store here in KL and often we have students and customers who walk in n out the store. In some of my classes, the students ended up taking photos of my project (layout or mini album) for reason they wont be able to finish theirs on time. That's totally acceptable to me. Some came to my class and ended up selling the same mini album online. I have no idea on how to react to this. It is my copyright and ideas and i think the most ethical way of doing it is to at least mention the original designer of the product or maybe u can just mention 'inspired by so n so'???

Oohhhh i am so in need of advice here. I hardly watermark on my photos too. If i like any layouts or altered projects and would love to do something similar i would make it a point to mention that i scraplift so n so or in some cases i always said inspired n so. I hope i make it clear here and will not end up finding my 'other' project on someone else blog!

Anyway, i'd like to share an altered box that i did recently and yes if u do find the same exact design online in the near future kindly ALERT me!!!! Hahaha. It seems i need to get my photos watermark and yes i am the ORIGINAL CREATOR of this particular box!!!! Have fun looking guys..:)))

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sketchabilities #51

Hey hey hey...been a busy day for moi, doin a lil catchin up with the girls aka all the hard core scrapperholic! Hahaha. Thanks ladies for a great afternoon! AStep class in the evening and later need to complete more pending project! Heh..but still life is beautiful..Thank u god..:)))

Today i'm sharing a layout i did based on sketchabilities sketch 51. My term is over but still i have always love to play with Karan's sketch. How could i resist! A simple but colourful page. It's a happy page i could say. Hope u gurls like what ur seeing.

Thanks for leaving me so much love..i love reading them and it's my daily feel good factor irregardless in whatever mood i'm in. Most of the time..i'm always happy. I think less about the serious stuff or of this n that. I only wish to take in the good things. Enjoy life and treasure each moment...*hugs*