Friday, September 30, 2011

Mini Album for Scrappin Studio

Hey peeps. I'm back with my promise of sharing a Mini Album with u today! Pls note this entry is photo loaded! U know how i can go nuts just snapping away. Perhaps i should start photography as a hobby next! Hahaha. Anyway for more info about this mini kindly go here

I've pack my scrapping bags early, just making sure i did not left out anything. It's a very important day tmrw. It's not often i get to have so much fun! Well i am anticipating a great day! Plan to hit the bed early too. I'm not a morning person and i hate to be sleepy and grumpy. Can u feel my excitement??? Hahaha..of course u do cos i've been talking about it since yesterday right??? lol

Okay enough of that. It's been a good day too. Mr mojo says hello today and i created 2 layouts!!! U heard me right! 2 favorites of mine!!! Cant wait to share it with u girls here. But it has to wait a day or two. So i better go now. I'll see u soon...:)))

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Forgotten Layouts

Sometimes i had too much photos in my lappy that i tend to forget a layout or two. Well this is not the first time it happens, more so when i don't fancy that particular page. Like these two here..somehow there's some imperfection going on this lo. I know u girls wud's art, no worries bout the lil things but..oowhhh's just..not my best i guess.

Anyway just sharing it here. Hhhmmm yes not my fav..hahaha. I've been busy creating for my dt work at Papier too. I'm supposed to come up with new projects and guess what i have 2 in mind. Will reveal it soon once i've got the green light from the boss! Hehehe. 

This coming saturday is something i look forward too. First i've got the chance to attend a class with the ever talented Ms Jazz Lee from singapore. Her work is amazing! Secondly i get to meet my crafter buddies!!!! woohhooooo it's been ages since we had a scrapping session together. Ooowwwhhhh i'm so excited..wish tmrw would just went by in a blink! I cant wait! really...hahaha.

Till then please come back tomorrow..i've got a Mini Album to share using my Sept Calico kit! See u soon...:)))

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LESSology Challenge #2 - The Trinket Box Challenge

Hey all, this entry is for the above challenge blog. I up cycle hubby's Tag Heuer watch box and turn it into my trinket box to store my charm bracelets. Pattern papers used is from Melissa Frances and Authentic. Blooms are from Prima, Kaisercraft and local shop. 

I stick mainly to pastel to create the shabby chic effects and distress the edges with distress ink. Add the rubber handle for easy opening of the box. Did my own stick pin and embellish as i desired. Love this box to's so me!

Gotta go now, i'll see u again soon...:)))

Monday, September 26, 2011

Altered Metal Tin For Papier

Hey peeps, a hectic weekend! I'm so looking forward to some quiet this week. Planning for a spa session in these few days. Anyway here's a project i did for papier. An altered metal tin/case that i bought from RM5.00 shop.

For more info kindly go here. While ur there do check out the coming classes at Papier. We have the talented Ms Jazz Lee coming in all the way from singapore!!! I'm excited too and have sign up for both her mini album and layout class! It's gonna be a fun day girls! Wait no more..hurry n contact the store for details.

I'll see u girls tmrw, i've got an altered box to share!!! :)))

Saturday, September 24, 2011

2 layout for Scrappin Studio

Hey peeps this is a short post. Like always the weekend is here and yup things are getting hectic at this household. Aaahhh let's not go there. I'm having too much fun this week and it doesn't stop there. Hahaha. Okay on to this entry.

2 layouts using my Sept Studio Calico kit Glee Club and Debate Team Add On. I heart both lo because one is playing with space, the other is playing with my fav Calico White mist. It's amazing what i manage to create using these kit namely a mini album, Three 12x12 layouts and a 2 page layout! My god this is amazing! I can stretch it way than i could imagine!!! 

Cant wait to get my kit next month and see what kind of project i cud come up with. Till then..i hope i'll be able to post something over the weekend if not i'll see u monday. Hey..this is not a short post after all!!!! lol...:))))

Thursday, September 22, 2011

TCR # 76

Hey all, i kinda not loving the weather now. No sunshine for days, gloomy and raining in the evening. The kind that doesn't inspire you much but maybe just laze around and sleep? Hahaha. Anyway i hope it'll improve soon. I did this lo a couple of days ago. Playing with colors from TCR.

I did lotsa layering and the usual misting. White card stock background, Glitz pattern papers, Prima and Kaisecraft flowers, Blings, Corrugated board, Lace and Alpha. I love taking self potrait and later edit it using instagram. Most of my printed photos is using that application. Ooowwhhh well if ur not that photogenic like me a good effect is really helpful! lol.

Anyway i'll be back again tmrw with more updates, see u soon..:)))

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 Page Layout for Scrappin Studio

Hey all, sorry for being absence. Despite plenty of stuff to share i had to attend to my sick kids. Things are better today. Ally no longer has fever but still on medication and antibiotic till tomorrow. Alif n my helper is recovering well too. Ooowhhhh such a relief! Back to this entry i've got my first 2 page layout to share.

Using my Sept SC kit Glee Club and Debate Team Add On i venture out of my comfort zone and decided to scrap two 8.5'x11' layout. Since i've got plenty of space to play with i've decided to used few photos and minimized on the embellishment. Well i hope u like my first attempt. 

I'll be back with more entry tomorrow. Till then thanks for dropping by and good nite! :)))

Monday, September 19, 2011

An Evening In Putra Jaya Layout For Papier

Ola ladies..Oowwhhh finally i get some free time to blog!!! Yeaaayyyy to that! It's been a crazy weekend for the family and in between DH caught the gems and was totally down with fever, flu, cough and terrible headache! To make matter worse just yesterday and this morning, my helper follow suit and DD too!!! Wow..seriously??? Hoping they would recover soon.

Anyway, here's a page i did for Papier. For scrappy info and material lists kindly go here. Plenty of new arrivals at the store too. I think it's time for me to stock up again! Wait..didnt i just do that last week??? Hahaha..oowhhh well u know a scrappy girl cud never have enough of blooms, inks, papers and stamps!!! Am i right??? Hahaha.

Thanks for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it...muaahhhh! :))))