Monday, January 31, 2011

TCR #43

I've gotta say i love the colour palette over at the color room. I'm lucky too cos my handmade blooms goes well with the colour combo! I'm trying to scrap the older pp to make way for the new ones, currently my scrap space is a bit constrained.

So to avoid cluster i'll scrap even more! hahaha. Yeah n i'm out of photo paper too. Hubby promised to get more soon. For now it's back to memory lane for me. I'm scrapping memories of the 'good ol days'

Hhhhmmm how time flies. Anyway material list for this lo include webster pagers pp, gesso, medium gel from claudine hellmuth, prima flowers, hambly print screen, ice stickle, lace and buttons.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mini Envelope Album Pt5

Hey all. Oohhh i had a great teaching session today. I might overshot the class a bit There's plenty to do isnt it gurls? Hehehe. I hope they enjoyed the class as much as i did. I know i've promised to reveal another album, tell ya the truth i actually lost count on the number of mini's i've done so

It has travelled everywhere too! I no longer keep the previous one, it has found a new owner along the way. So this time i did something for me. This one is a keeper simply because it's one of the simplest that i've done so far. I dont intend to put a smaller pictures and this one can accomodate the standard 4x5 photos and still i've got pockets to slot in the extra. Not as bulky as the others it's just something that i like to fiddle with.

Okay no..i'm not letting this one i'm gonna print some photos fast and quickly glue it down! lol. There's two more album waiting for reveal..hhmmm maybe later eehhh. Nite2..:))

Saturday, January 29, 2011

While u were sleeping

Yeah last night while everyone sleeps i was awake making these babies! Early on the day i make a stop at the fabric store and bought a couple of materials for experimenting. Though i cant say i love the outcome but it is worth the effort.

I've gotta thank Kirsty for the amazing tutorial!! She saves me time without me having to look for the tutorial elsewhere. Tq dear. Since i'm blogging from iphone i'll try to attached the link here. I hope it works. U can find her tutorial here
I tried to do the decorated pins too, it went okay except that i cud not find a bigger n longer pins. Anyone knows where i can get one like that?

Okay i'm gonna hit the shower now eerrr did i mention i have my first mini album class this morning. I'm a nervous rack!!! Lol
Wish me luck hun!!! :))

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pencillines Sketch 222

Hey all. Still blogging from my Here's another layout for the above blog. Material used..eerrr apart from that noel pp the rest are from stash. Not sure which is which!! Lol...

Still in busy mode. Few pending request n to those who email me and asking for pricing n information pls bear with the delay. I will furnish u with more information once i'm done with this few lots. Thank you for your understanding..:))

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's capture these sketches #68

Hey peeps, i'm a happy bunny today!! Mr husband surprised me with iphone4 yesterday!!! Hehehe. I cant get enough playing and i took these photos of my layout using my phone. Can u see how amazing the pics turn out to be? And even this entry is posted from my phone!!!

I love apple!!! Big time!! Lol. Again i cant get enough of my studio calico kit but i did add my own stash i've used up pretty much of everything. I cant wait for my feb kit to arrive!!!

So what do u think of the photos??? Amazing quality right? :))

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CCCB Guest Designer

Hey peeps i was asked to guest design for this week at CCCB. Check out the details here. I did this project for them. What do u think of my hair piece??? Anyone needs a flower girl for a wedding? Little allysha is ever ready!!! lol.

Monday, January 24, 2011

# 1 Hero Layout For Papier

Hey..hey..i had a busy weekend!!! But i'm loving every moment. Anyway here's my january layout for Papier. I cant wait to share something interesting with u guys next week..

For scrappy info you can head over here. Dont you just love the bright red flowers!! lol..just in time for CNY!! :))

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feb Sneak Peek

A sneak peek of what's coming in Feb. Did i say a new 'Kit' in town?? lol. More this space!!! :))

Scrappin Studio Sunday Sketch

Hey all, it's my turn for Sunday Sketch. This week sketch is brought to you by Jessy. She did an awesome job with the sketch and i just love it to bits. So here's my layout and all material is from the who's who January kit. Dont miss out on this fantastic kit, grab one for yourself and start having fun!

Dont forget to play along for a chance to win RM10 Voucher from the scrappin studio.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Creative Scrapper Sketch #139

I did a little cleaning in a small area in the bedroom. The area where i always neglected, where i dump all my scrap items, my bags, those last year purchases that i've forgotten!!! Yeah it was horror to find things that u bought n totally forgot or have no idea it exists!! lol. It was only a small space with my ikea cabinet but loads of boxes on the sides. You wont believe the amount of junk i hoard!!!

It took the entire afternoon and 8 large dustbin bags!!! Omg..i dont believe my eyes looking at so many empty boxes, shopping bags n plastics i have in there. Plus..a massive amount of used perfume bottles! Still after all the looks almost the same..still looking pretty much untouch! Hah!! I'm dead tired. Oohhh well i'll start clearing again in 6 mths time hopefully i dont find dead mouse in there! lol.

On to this layout for creative scrapper sketch 139. It was an awesome sketch and again i used my studio calico kit. I'm telling you there's so much things in there i didnt even bother digging out anything else! To tell u the truth i cant wait for my feb kit to arrive!!! Oohhh yes i'm deeply madly in love looking at the sneek peek. Hhhuurrrmmm patience is a virtue...:))

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One more mini to go...

Hello peeps. It's public holiday in Malaysia but it's not slowing down for me. Everyday there will be things to settle and something to create! lol. Anyway someone contacted me through email and request for 2 journals n a mini album.

This cute gurl is staying in sabah and wanted something for her n her sister. We exchanged quite a lot of I just wanted to get things right. The journal part is easy peasy but the mini album speaks otherwise. She wanted a fun album n it seems everytime i emailed her a pic of my albums she'll say..'eerrr that one is really nice but i want something simple' I really need to evaluate what simple means cos in my layment term if i can complete something less than 2 hours for a mini album i'll consider that simple irregardless of the layerings!! lol..

So..i was thinking hard and was trying to get to my skull what 'simple' means. Finally i did this one and sent her the photos. Thank god!!!! She said yeah..that's it!!! okay now for ur judgement..pls say this is ok as in 'really2 simple!' lol...