Friday, January 29, 2010

In d 'PINK'

With V day just around the corner i’m sure I’ll be seeing pink all over town or perhaps a combination of red too!!! As usual this is my favorite color but I always tone it down with either a grey jacket/sweaters or black pants. I can never carry the all over pink look. I don’t have the guts! But of course it’s a different story if u r a ‘A lister’ Hollywood celebrities. Ohhh yes they look amazing! And oh so Barbie too..hehehe.


With the right combination of shoes and accessories it’s wearable too for us mere mortals. Donning a bright pink outfit doesn’t mean u need to wear a bright pink lipstick, perhaps a nude colour will suit better and yeah go light on d blusher too. Try to avoid clashing of colours, a brown or muted eyeshadow works well. Oh well that’s how I’d do it, no professional advice here just my thoughts! Hehehe.


I think based on these photos, my favorites wud definitely be ‘her’. Yeahhh little suri with mom n dad good looks and those lanky legs for a 3yrs old!!! *sigh*. Already she’s a ‘star in d making’ no doubt bout that!..


naddy said...

baru tadi beli pink top ehehehe i love pink ehehe and i belasah je pakai with pink eyeshadow... kena blend2 la kan the colours :)

okinokiyo said...

I kann almost nak beli suri nye heels tu tp i think i prefer my doter runs wild hehe

eynda said...

SURI paling menyerlah :-)

Amelia Khalik said...

Naddy me too! Semalam beli pink top kat zara!! Hahaha. Takper boleh ajer pakai pink eyeshadow sure sweet mcm doll! Hehehe

okinokiyo..eehh dear kat mana ada jual kasut budak cam suri tuh? Nak gak survey2..hehehe

eynda..sudah semesti nya lah kan. Comel sesangat!! :)

ABH said...

me love pink! tapi tak sangka lak perot Jeniffer Aniston lebih kurang moncet cam perot i jek hehehehe...kira ok pe perot i nih hauarrrrrrrrrrr hahahaha :p

Amelia Khalik said...

beb..itu sebab dia posing side ways jer kot!! hehehe..tak pun sebab dia kenyang giler..kekeke