Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday!

It's a happy monday! Get to teach today and yes happy times always awaits me at Papier.'s like my own candy store. I'm happiest surrounded by the smell of papers! Lol. 

Today i'm sharing a layout over at Papier blog. For some u might notice my weird style of tearing papers and using it on my lo. Truth be trimmer blade is giving way, it's blunt and the cut is horrible! and what did i do? Absolutely nothing..yeah that's how busy or lazy i get! So what's a crafter do without a trimmer?..this one decided to rip everything apart! Looks like i created my own art that way. See at those layers..somehow i madly love the effect...hahaha.

Found an old pic of my son. It's been folded in two, lucky thing it wasn't that obvious in the pics. I add mists and stamping to the background plus TH tissue tape that i cud never leave without! I kept the embellishment simple with buttons and MME Chipboard stickers. A lot of fussy cut from kaisercraft pattern paper, layers and clustering.

Be back soon..i Take care peeps...:))))

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm so into this!

Hey all. Omg..sorry i've been a bad blogger!!! Lol. Aaahhh how i wish i cud find time to spend blogging and scrapping but it looks like i'm so into something else nowadays.

So i went out almost everyday, coffee with friends, dating with mr hubby, workout and yes to Papier. Everyday i'd put on different accesories and mostly i love wearing chunky bangles n charm bracelet. Here's sharing few of my pieces. Will share more in future and oohhhh hubby got me my angel
Wings from Thomas Sabo! Love it big time!

Hope to blog again soon! Thanks for dropping by and leaving me love..:))))

Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Reveal for CS

Ola...remember me? lol. I miss scrapping so much! It's been ages since i did a Mini Album. Was thinking at this moment to get one done soon. Anyway here's my last reveal for Creative Scrappers. It's sad to leave but like all things there is always first and last. Who knows if i could actually find time to embrace my scrapping journey again then i might consider applying for other Dt post. 

Hope you'll enjoy my last reveal and for this one i was using Studio Calico Jan kit and added cotton gauze and a huge paper clip. Something that i whip in a jiff! lol. I actually have a lot in my mind. I'm also way behind with my PL2012. Gosh..gotta get that done before i lose any interest! So okay less time spend blog hoping and more to creating. 

See you ladies around and thanks for dropping by! :))))

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Latest Batch of Atc's Feb2012

Hey all, I'm sorry for being absence for long. It's just that i've found a new love in workout. Yes, i'm so into Zumba and Jazzercise right now. I work out almost everyday and a total of 6 times in a week! Yes that is mad right! It's just that i cant help but to enjoy myself during these classes. I guess for my own well being i might have to cut it to 4 times a week. We'll see how next week goes ok and that is the reason too for lack of updates cos i don't create much anymore. My last project was Atc's that i did during my studio time at Papier. So i only had these to share right now.

Hopefully i can pace out my workout and my scrapping. Ooohhh yeah sometimes a little diversion is good for the creative mind? Oh well that's what i think anyway. hahaha. It's gonna be a busy weekend too so maybe i'll see you again on Monday. Till then take care peeps...:))))

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Layout Tutorial for Papier

Ola ladies, Gonna be a short post again tonight. I've got a busy day plan for tomorrow. This layout is created for Papier with a simple tutorial. To see how i build this page kindly go here

Keep a look out for announcement soon. We're starting ATC group at Papier and yes..we wanna swap!!! Got to go now. Early morning tmrw..thanks for leaving me love and take care all..:))))

Friday, February 10, 2012

SC Jan Kit Layouts

Hey all, i've been busy keeping fit! lol but still managed to squeeze my time with scrapping and stuff. Finally i put my SC Jan kit to good use! I did 4 layout, one is for Creative Scrappers reveal next weekend. So here's sharing the other 3. I just kinda of love scrapping this style. No extra flowers 

I'll share another layout on Monday with minimum embellishment and really lotsa space. Hehehe. Anyway i've been having a tough time with little Ally, ever since my maid is back with us she's been extremely pampered and demanded for attention all the time. Crying in the morning to school and even to bed! Omg...seriously!!! At times she's really testing my patience and i hope...god i pray for things to improve even threaten by telling her i'd send the maid back if she did not behave! Sigh..hopefully things will improve next week. I really don't know what i'd do.. 

Sorry for the rambling girls. It's bothering me at this moment. Thanks for dropping by today and for the lovely comment..:))))

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project Life 2012 Pt1

This is my first year doing Project Life. I must say i struggle for the first few weeks. First, there's plenty of photo to print second, i'm terrible with journalling! At time i don't even know how to describe a certain picture or moment n i had to pause and leave a blank space for a day or two. Still at this moment i tried to at least write a simple story about my days.

Nevertheless i find that Project Life brings out more than i could imagine. I feel connected to my everyday life and i'm alert at things that's happening around me. I mentally take note of my surrounding and i guess that makes me appreciate life more rather than feeling monotonous about my days i know i have a better perspective and vision of my time. Sharing it here with you girls is somewhat special. Some of the photo's are very sentimental to me and to put it up here for viewing took a lot of courage! I'm shy to even share my album with my family! lol. 

I'm loving every single moment of my Project Life and i hope i could cope in months to come. Slow and steady i'll make it work out somehow. Thanks to all the crafter's out there who's been a source of inspirations. I surf a lot to find out about PL and there's too many amazing blogs and scrappers who's into it. I'm going to complete my Jan PL tonight till then take care peeps...:)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Layout & Cards for Papier

Ola ladies, happy tuesday! I had too much fun spending the long weekend with family and friends. So much so i feel so blessed and lucky that things had gone back to my normal phase. I create much too! now trying to get back to my usual scrapping time but somehow my style has change slightly. Oohhh u'll see what i mean when i post my Studio Calico layout tmrw. No..i'm no longer their Dt but still i get hook to SC kit and decided to subscribe as member's with Scrappin Studio

Anyway i'm sharing this layout and cards set that i did for Papier. I'm using papers from Making Memories, Kraft Cardstock, White Cardstock, Prima Flowers, Doilies, Burlap, Pink Paislee Packaging, MS Puncher and TA mists. Oohhh btw that's the only photo i have left of hubby n me. Aaahhh..really we hardly have photos taken together and it's a rare moment to capture a shot of us! lol.

I was wondering too..since i have to design for next month layout class perhaps u girls could tell me what kind of things/technique you'd like to see or used in a page? i gotta keep the class below 2 hrs and yes we have a mixture of new and advance student. Thanks for sharing your ideas with me. It does help a lot...:))) and yes thanks for all the comments. <3

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Creative Scrappers #194

Hey peeps, it's that time of the week again to share with you my layout for Creative Scrapper. This would be my second last lo for them. My Dt term is ending soon. Currently they are having a Dt call, pls head over here for more details.

It's sad to bid farewell but all things must end somehow. I am also in a weird phase of scrapping. For the time being i'm not keen for any Dt work yet n maybe when i'm more prepared and get back to being the scrappaholic i once was i would scout for more Dt work. 

I'm just happy being me at the moment! lol..anyway, my lil princess is acting weird nowadays where she demanded more attention than usual. So gotta go n see what she's up to really! Time to go! Take care..:)))

Friday, February 3, 2012

Off late....

I blog less..the reason

1. Just recovered
2. Less scrapping thus nothing to show
3. Too much other activities
4. I spend less time on my lappy
5. Plain lazy! 

Hahaha...yes i got my maid back and infact i have two at this moment and yet i find less and less time for scrapping! I wonder how could that be? Have i actually lost interest and focus? The spending never stop..i remember getting my supplies just before CNY and will get my SC kit again tmrw. The previous Jan kit and add on is left untouch! I'm not sure what went wrong or maybe i'm just taking a back seat with all the crafty thing. 

Anyway thought i'd share a card i did before CNY holiday. The plastic cover i got from Daiso. It comes in a pack of 6 for RM5. So now i can just create a card and slip it inside the cover. No need for envelopes! lol.

Okay peeps thanks for still hanging out here. Hopefully this is just a temp thing with me. Till next time..:)))