Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Allysha 2nd Birthday Party

Hey peeps finally i got d photos with me. It is quite a lot and so i will just put up a sllide show of the event. Happy viewing...:)


Lybeau said...

what a blast celebration!!!..wish i could be there to enjoy the boraks and lepaks ...oh yeah the chips....xxoo

Ella said...

happy 2nd birthday Allysha yg comel..

hugs & kisses from untie Ella..muahs..

Amelia Khalik said...

Lybeau..sis it was juz a small gathering but yeah it was great to hang out once in a while. D mommies gets to chat a bit longer while d kids r busy playing. Perfect arrangement...hahaha

tq aunty ella..allysha did have fun hehehe. :)