Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gift Ideas - Note Book/Journal

I’m in d midst of making as much journal as I can becos Armalia (my gift shop) is kicking and running. We planned to sell our gift item at a flee market and planning to do so starting March onwards.

There is so much thing to do and so many ideas and possibility. Sometimes I wish I cud lock myself in my room and craft and do nothing else…hahaha. Anyway here are some of d journal/note book that r ready.

I’m running out of books and need to get more and out of storage space too!! My business partner is busy compiling items too. InsyAllah if everything goes well u will see more of our handmade products.


Lybeau said...

1st of congrats!!...Bravo sis... well done.... keep it going... i'm your ardent fan...xxoo

kaezrin said...

i'll be your first customer nanti tau...

Amelia Khalik said...

Lybeau tq sis..someone already put fwd an order of 20 journal for christmas gift this year..lambat lagi but i'm so xcited!!! Hahaha

Elin..tq dear. U nak beli sekarang ker tunggu bulan 3 i bukak table kat flee market?? Hehehe..

Ella said...

congrats dear!..
I pun nak book satu ah!..