Friday, January 8, 2010

A New Beginning

It’s a brand new day and a new beginning
To start a year with a new meaning
Have a positive attitude and life will be better
To embrace challenge and be a getter

Each day counts n we anticipate it’s arrival
In a journal we jot our thoughts and memory
A simple word of wisdom and appraisal
Humming like a music of symphony

Smile to ur love ones like there’s no tomorrow
Cherish each day and let go of ur sorrow
An angry fire will instantly mellow
And the mind will never be shallow.

Dear friends, have a sweet melody
In your heart it will bring joy n merry
Never mourn on your life story
Life is about love and glory..


naddy said...

more cool journals, i loike :) jgn lupa mine ahahahaha

Nana said...

OoOOo tu semua you buat ke? cantiknye!

Lybeau said...

like i said before... your projects are all awesome, yummy, gorgeous and full of love touch... keep it going Amelia... i'm loving every piece of it.... I want all .......just joking...xxoo

maznah said...

cute2 semuanya.... me, membakar semangat betul lah. Lps ni nak keluar lah cari brg sikit nak lawan puan amelia yang produktive sesangat ni....hihi

Edleen said...

they're all awesome!

Amelia Khalik said...

Nad..ur's mana boleh lupa..i'll start next week kay, tgh carik inspirasi..hahaha..

Nana..yes i buat, i'm crazy making them at d moment..hehehe

Lybeau..sis i cant get enough n wanted to do more!!! gila kan...hahaha

Acik Nah..ingat dateline kita yek..selagi tak penuh satu meja mana leh bukak kedai..kekeke

Edleen..tq dear..there's more to come...hehehe