Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 15 Departure

Departs from Dubai at 10.30 am and arrived KLIA at 9.30 pm. I only have these words to say.....


yeeezzzzaaaaa...i miss my family, my friends, my nachos2, my house and most importantly..I MISS BLOGGING!!! hahahaha.

Day 14 Dubai

It’s our final day in Dubai and marks the last day of our long holiday. Uncle O'oi came to pick us up for lunch before dropping us at Dubai Mall again..Me and hubby had been discussing the night before on getting a new stroller for Allysha and Alif. No we did not anticipate to buy one but when we went to mothercare in Dubai Mall we saw this particular MacLaren stroller which is on sale and the interesting thing is they have this 2 wheels attachment for a bigger child to stand behind the stroller while mom/dad continue pushing the stroller. It was great and really convenient for our mall outing here in KL.

After much discussion we go ahead and purchase one. I’m glad we did so as I’ve been using the wheeler a couple of times and yes people do tend to glance with the big q on their forehead..where did they get those??? Hahaha. Anyway back to Dubai Mall. We had a chance to visit one of the biggest aquarium in the world. They have all sorts of fish including sharks. It was an experience and my kids were all oohhh and ahhhh’s.

More pictures and basically just taking our sweet time enjoying our last day at dubai. We went back at 6 something to do our final packing before leaving for KL..aaahhhh I miss my bed!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 13 Dubai

Burj Al Arab is the world 7 star hotel and located at it’s own manmade oasis. How cool is that? So cool that we had to make a lunch reservation at their Al Muntahar Restaurant situated on the 27th floor. The Hotel itself is luxurious looking with drop dead gorgeous background of the oasis. The hotel is equipped with dancing fountain and huge aquarium adorning the lobby deco.

We had a 1.30 reservation for lunch and we had to give our reservation number to the guard outside otherwise u will not be allowed to enter unless paying a fee of around 70 usd. We then proceed to take the lift to the 27th floor. The hotel staff were really friendly and so does the restaurant crew. They were all professionally trained and we had a very good service.

Our menu on that day consist of fish n chips for the kids, starter or scallop and lobster terrain, main course for hubby veal fillet with mushroom and barramundi fish topped with caviar for me and for dessert cappuccino and café latte with ice cream and chocolates. I have to admit the meal was good but the portion is small but hey..what do I expect? It is a fine dining restaurant after all..the westerner would have ordered a 6 to 9 course lunch but we..malaysian just ordered a 3 course lunch..hahaha.

Apart from the OTT Expensive price of the food we had a once in a lifetime experience. Hubby on the other hand had to fork out Aed 1300 or equivalent to RM1300. We were not at all shocked cos we knew even before making reservation that is the price u have to pay for wanting a treatment like the king and queen of Arabia..hahaha..

After much photography session we took a cab to Dubai Mall and meet with Mr Wahab from Pakistani who were kind enough to provide us with his villa while in London. We went back to the hotel at around 10 and ordered Chix Beriani for dinner. Well the lunch did not last us till breakfast the next day.hahahaha.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 12 Dubai

One of hubby ex uni friends are staying here. Uncle Ooi that’s what my children called him is a Malaysian working in dubai for the past 3 years. We were lucky enough to have him drove us around and as an unofficial tour guide..hehehe. I was all smiles cos it makes it so much easier to have someone who know his way around because of the time limit. I wanted to find some nice material for baju kurung for this coming raya and I got a total of 14 pieces altogether. Mind u it wasn’t all mine!!! Hehehe..i wish. Bought one for mom, sil, my bibik and one for mummycool and not forgetting my hubby, alif n allysha too. Yessss we all gonna have matching outfits!!! hahaha

We went to 3 different shops and once I’m done the next item on the menu is ‘MAKAN’..food..food n more food. Alif thoroughly enjoyed his makan time too..i’ve never seen him so happy to get his food..hahaha..it’s a miracle!!! We were all so happy cos the beriani was superb!!! And yes I used to eat here too..our joint whenever we flew to dubai..the visitor restaurant is a must visit. Killer beriani and the juiciest mango juice ever!!!

After which like the malay proverb says ‘Gendang Gendut Tali Kecapi Kenyang Perut Suka Hati’. We left at around 11pm back to hotel.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 11 Departure LON-DXB

Next Destination, London to Dubai (LHR-DXB). Our flight is scheduled to depart at 2.15 pm and arrival Dubai at 2.30 am local time. We went early to the airport to submit our VAT claim. It was all smooth sailing and we were really privilege due to traveling with children. So most of the time we were allowed to cut Q and that save us a lot of lining up and waiting. Pheewww!! And less headache for me too.

We board our much awaited trip simply because we are traveling on board Emirates A380. and my jaw dropped upon seeing the super sized jumbo aircraft in front of our boarding gate..yup it was huge!! I was ecstatic n excited. It was my very first and hopefully not my last. During my flying days I wanted so much to travel on the Concorde and sadly that dream of mine..never happen!!! Hahaha..but anyway..god is always great..he gave me the chance to travel on one of these!! It’s amazing and ‘Alhamdulillah’

Once on board I had the much awaited movie marathon as Allysha slept throughout most of the journey and I get to watch 2 movies..which one??? What else if it’s not the Confession of a Shopaholic and Brides Wars..yeahhh..chick flicks!!!

Finally at 2.30 am we landed at Dubai International Airport, took a taxi to Oasis Court Hotel Apartment and went to bed half past 4!!..i dreamt of BERIANI, CHIX TIKKA, AND MANGO JUICE. Arrgghhh heaven on earth..hahaha.