Monday, November 30, 2009

More on Craft...

Lately nothing interest me except crafting. Sorry guys if I bore u on entries about my hobby. Yes I’m goin nuts with this current craze hitting my life. And to tell u the truth at times even while watching the telly or feeding allysha I sometimes get inspirations coming out of d blue. N then I’ll make a quick dash to get my little diary and quickly draw out my vision!!! there such people out there? Or is it just me??

I met naddy on Sunday to get my craft supply and spend a little more than an hour to chat with her. Thanks dear for the card stock!! I’ll be back to order in no time okay. Right now I’m eager to finish my sons graduation chipboard album. I know he’s only 6 n just graduated fm kindy actually!!! But those r memories that I’m sure we wish to treasure. however, my only setback is to print the photos to my desired size. It’s kinda challenging and hoping Mr Hubby wud be free to help me with it soon.

Also few projects need completion before 15th of December. 5 cards for Alif’s kindy teachers and also my homemade scrub as a parting gifts to them. I was thinking of making another album for little Ally title my Fairy Princess. Oohhh well so much to do n so little time. I’ll try to manage it all n in between squeeze a little shopping time for myself perhaps?? …hehehe.

Dec Inspiration...

It's d beginning of a new month. I'm looking for inspiration (on what to shop actually!!!). Yes peeps i'm a fashion victim at times!! Hahaha. It's my lazy day n i'm making a new wishlist for the coming month..cheers!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's Hero Time!!!

We went to watch Ben10 live show at KLCC today. The place was pack with Ben10 fans and eager parents!!! hahaha. Well I’m just gonna sum up the show as something entertaining for the kids. Jammed pack with lotsa actions and bu** kicking!!. My principle is simple..if my kids like it then I rest my case, besides the aim is to make them happy and not for my satisfaction. I’m alright with whatever on display.

As usual my more than excited son truly enjoyed the show n was glued to his seats for more than 1 ½ hours!! But of course they have a 20 mins break in between. Once the show ended he even complained that it was too short!!! Aarrrgghhh..who ever says it’s easy to satisfy a kid?? Especially one like mine..

All in all, it’s a good way to spend the school holidays with them. Something for d kids to talk n remember about in a long while and yes my son never stop talking about it all the way home n even casually brief my ‘bibik’ about the storyline..*sigh*..

Friday, November 27, 2009

His Graduation Photo..

Hey peeps remember my previous entry here, about his graduation. Finally today i get to edit the photos and publish it for you guys. I'm not a trained photographer nor a professional photo editor, but just someone who loves to try out new things. The photos below were edited using photoscape, which is one of the simpler version of editing out there. It doesnt require a lot of knowledge but a little bit of creativity and itchy hands!!! hahaha..Enjoy :)

Salam Eidul Adha

Dear Friends,

Here wishing you Selamat Hari Raya Eidul Adha. May u be blessed with good health n 'rezeki' as well.

I'm at mom's place right now celebrating my raya with my siblings n relatives. My kids on the other hand is celebrating raya their own way..having a blast with iphone n ipod touch games!!

Ohhhh well anything goes as long as they dont disturb mommy!!! Hehehe...this is what i like to call 'korban duit'. So peeps enjoy ur holidays n time with ur love ones...:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Going Bonkers With Crafting!!

After my Card making class yesterday I was determined to set up a crafting area/space for myself at home. Previously I wud just spread all my items n materials on the floor and make myself comfortable on the carpet and continue with my card making. But that just wont do it anymore. I need a proper desk and space to produce a creative card. Of course a good lighting would help too. And so..i decided to turn part of my bedroom to accommodate my hobby. Thank goodness Mr Hubby is ok with the transformation as long as I keep it neat and tidy.

I position the desk near my bedroom window pane, which I’m grateful that it's plenty in this house. Since alif (my son) hardly make use of his study table I decided to grab his first and wud compensate with a better looking table shud the need arise..hehehe. finally mission accomplished!!! Hah…satisfaction spread across my face and i've been smiling like a monkey all day long…hahaha.

What better way to end the day than making a card or two? Though it’s not perfect but I’m glad it’s getting better. I just need to play with more colours and avoid from producing so many PINK CARDS!!! Hehehe…

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Card Making Class@Papier

Hey peeps..i had a wonderful n productive day. It was a good card making session at Papier. For those interested to know more about them pls go here.

I was actually late..or I might like to call it fashionably late!!! Hahaha. But teacher jessy was kind enough to wait for me before starting the class. Thank u!!! and so..we started our session by knowing a basic about our tools. Yuppp I was clueless the whole time as to how they achieved certain effects on the cards n now that I’m a little knowledgeable about it I’m certain I’m able to produce a better looking card in the future.

The classes lasted for more than 2 hrs. it was fun and mind opening as to so many possibilities of how to make used of a simple paper n turn it into a work of art!! And that is one good knowledge that I’m glad I acquired. You see it’s not that hard if u have the right tools!! Yes peeps…the normal scissors just wont do the job!!! I need to invest some huge chunk of my shopping money for this hobby of mine and yes crafting tools are EXPENSIVE!!!

I aim to get at least one or two items monthly until I get the complete basic tools for card making and scraping. Till then I’ll just try to make use of my creativity and make do with the existing items (which is very limited!!)


These are the final product of the session. Do u think they're nice??? Hehehe…