Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Which School???

My son is attending standard one next year and here I am so undecided about his schooling. Both my parents wanted their grandson to be in Agama Integrated school, of course I have no objection on that but I am also worried that my son cud not carry heavy subject like bahasa arab etc. I did not have a sekolah agama background and so does my husband but to think of the world as it is right gets us worried if alif do not have strong background on agama. Peer pressure from friends and negative lifestyle is a big factor and contribution in our society. No doubt I will want the best for him 'Dunia and Akhirat' and as a role playing mother I wud engaged as much time as I can in his everyday life.

Children will grow up..and when they are teenagers you will not be his favorites. Believe me I had that episodes in my life where my friends are my world and my parents are a nagging gadget that wont stop torturing my soul!!!! One day my son will grow up and say to me..'mama i’m a big boy stop being so pushy'..and I’m dragging every single moment that it wont come to that. And of course here I believe where education and the right school comes handy.

Arrgggghhh..i never thought picking the right school can be tedious. For someone picky like me I guess it would. So far I’m really undecided perhaps I should read more on the school itself and set my goal straight.
Maybe after answering this question I am able to decide.

1) What is my expectation of my child?
2) What kind of person I would like him to be?
3) Will he
be happy in school?
4) Will he
have friends?
5) Will he
do well?
6) Will he have
good teachers?
7) Will he look at them
as role models?
8) Will he have time to spend apart from studying?
9) Will he have a
good character and well mannered?
10) Will he get bullied in school?
11) Will he have the will to protect himself from harm?
12) Will he be a person that remembers allah in every single way?
13) Will he be someone who values family and friends?
14) Will he be able to think out of the box?
15) And finally..will mom stop this unending question before she goes crazy???

Hahaha…I know i am wayyyyyy beyond expectation but hey it’s not something unachievable right? Okay gals if u think otherwise pls feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Alif Weekend Project

Every mother will want the best for their child. As a mom I tried to deliver what is required of me such as the basic stuff and their necessity are meet within objectives and targets. But I just don’t want to be the mom that my kids would relate to for their basic need, I want more..i want to be their role model, teacher n friends at the same time. I want my son n daughter to one day look at me and say that they r proud of who they are cos I taught them those values. InsyAllah if the intention is right hopefully Allah will grant me my wish.
Adik dont want to miss all the fun so i had to let her participate and she get herself dirty in the process.

Abang collecting some grass and flowers
So on this lazy Sunday afternoon after lunch n a short movie at home, alif n allysha headed outside for their much needed activities. Previous week I bought this amazing collage and colour pad at d curve. My objective is to instill the creativeness and motor skill for my 6 years old. He’s a bit shaky handling scissors n stuff but of course mom is at hand to assist.
The tools
After collecting all that’s needed for his project ( grass n flowers) we headed back in. He was so excited to be able to play with scissors, glue, gold dust and colourings that I didn’t mind one bit looking at his dirty hands. It’s OKAY as long as he’s washable!!!..hahaha.
So take a peep at the end result….I’m proud of ALIF!! Sayanggggg..abang…

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bath Time

I am convince out of 100 women out there, 85% of them wud be spending more than half an hour during bath time. As for me..i took the longest time I possibly cud..hehehe..sometimes it goes up to 40 mins not including the prep after.

My collection of shower gels
My ritual wud consist of :

1) Face washing- 2 step, makeup
remover n facial wash
2) Brushing teeth

3) Lather up with lotsa shower gel – my fav Body shop satsuma
4) Hair shampoo
5) Hair conditioner
6) Hair tonic
7) Body lotion – my fav Victoria Secret Strawberries n Champagne
8) Body splash – my fav Victoria Secret Amber Romance
9) Day or night cream
10) Eye cream.

My collection of sponges

All the above is during my lazy day..once a week I wud add

11) Long soak in the tub..bliss
12) Foot scrub
13) Face mask
14) Black seed oil for hair

N cud u imagine how hubby have to cope with the waiting game. Most of the time he wud let me know way in advance if we’re going out..hehehe. But I believe I’m not the only one with such habit. I juz love to pamper myself n I truly believe that bath time is for me to release all those tense muscle and a special moment on my own. The only part missing is lil miss duckie..hehehe..*maybe i shud add that next time*..wink wink.

My collection of Body Lotions

So ladies, I’d love to long do u take to bathe?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photo Session@Putrajaya

No words can describe these photo as we truly enjoy our family shoot that day. I’ll let the photograph speaks for itself. All pictures were taken by hubby using his Nikon D700.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday Outing

Last Saturday was a family day outing for us. First stop as usual Allysha Gymboree class. After missing 2 classes she is more than eager to finally see her friends again n the best part was this time round daddy is at hand to take some awesome photos with his Nikon D700.

Ever since he bought that camera the whole family is turned into objects of photography but seriously.. I’m starting to like his new hobby cos I get to pose most of the time and the best thing about the camera matter what u still ended up looking
smashingly good!!!

After class we headed to Sunway Pyramid for a late lunch at Bubba sh
rimp.. We ordered onion rings n shrimper heaven. For dessert we had bread pudding. That itself last me till dinner. However we didn’t get to do much window shopping cos we had to rush home right after that due to alif complaining of stomach ache.

I was disappointed that th
e evening end abruptly but it was a good move cos as soon as we reached home alif headed for the toilet..hehehe. That didn’t damper my spirit, I drag hubby to SACC mall without the kids this time to fill my unfulfilled n unsatisfied self!!! was also a good move cos I manage to find a good jacket for allysha in preparation for our London trip. Poney was having a warehouse sale n most of the items was 70% off.
Phhheewwww…that ended our Saturday outing. I was happy n the kids was happy too..eemmm couldn’t say the same bout hubby though..hehehe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Preview Of Bonnie Cashin Collection@Coach, KLCC

Me n hubby were invited to the preview of coach latest collection at KLCC. The event kickoff at 7pm and end pass 9. It was a cocktail event n gathering for BMW white card holder. We were given a door gift consist of a bag holder fm coach, discount coupons for all brands under Valiram group, a note book from BMW and a pamphlet from origin.

Even thought I think the venue is quite small nevertheless it didn’t damper the spirit of around 100 guest.
As usual the main event was the fashion show n they have gorgeous model parading the latest handbag collection. Hubby was thrill that he insist on capturing his photo with this one particular model (and oh by the way she’s the prettiest one) Please see evidence below..hehehe.

I was bloated with soda drinks n small entrĂ©e and of course the best feast of all would be my OWN Bonnie Tote Bag!!!! Thank you ‘yang’ for being so generous on u soooo much!!!

After all that ‘buying’ n ‘gloating’ we headed to the caricature corner where we got in line and waited for ages for our turn. I think it must be about one and half hours or so but it was worth every muscle ache as we had a good laugh looking at it.

I went home happy and satisfied with my loot and the evening itself, what a nite.

More from coach go to their official website:

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is the 4th day baby allysha is admitted in Darul Ehsan Medical Center due to throat infection that caused her to have fever, flu, cough, flam and vomit for 11 days before Dr decided to keep her here for observation.

I was told due to her condition she will be kept here for at least 5 days for them to administer antibiotic, nebulisor, paracetamol and also 3 types of medicine for her throat. That is quite a lot of medication for a little girl.

Hubby decided to take the Kayangan Suite for our convenience. It was located on the 4th floor. The room itself is fully carpeted with separate lounge for visitors. Despite being sick allysha is quite comfortable here except when it’s time to take her medicine, she will scream n throw fits till it takes 3 of us to hold her down.

As for me I’m thankful bibik is around to hand a helping hand. Hubby will tapau something for breakfast, lunch n dinner as I find the hospital food is lacking in taste. Alif is missing his lil sis so much that he refused to go back home but come sun it will be the end of his stay here as he has to attend school on Monday.

I do hope my baby will get well soon as I can feel her frustration being confined in this tiny room without the sun and a breath of fresh air. To all friends thank you for all the support and doa. May Allah bless you. Amin.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My baby girl started going to gymboree when she was 4 mths old. The reason why I enroll her is simply because I have a principle that equality among sibling is a must in my household. Alif (my first born) took classes with gymboree when he was 4 mths till 2 years old and the other reason is I swear that it works for his self confidence and his ability to adapt with other children. Knowing from history I was a very timid and shy girl n so I believe I wud have pass some of the traits to my children.

It is an eye opener for me as there is so many ways to teach your child regardless of their age. As their motto says ’playschool’ I have found various ways to keep them entertained n of course drained myself of energy too!!! long as the ki

ds r happy!! That wud be an accomplishment for me.

To learn more about gymboree go to their website at

"Gymboree is a wonderful interactive program. Parents and children will be delighted to spend time together building strong bonds that will last a lifetime."

- Harvey Karp, MD, FAAP,
Professor of Pediatrics at the UCLA School of Medicine
author: The Happiest Baby on the Block