Monday, January 30, 2012

Altered Canvas Back

Hey peeps..remember me? lol...I'm truly sorry for the lack of updates. Been away for holiday and came home not well. However i'm recovering..slowly but still i'm thankful that my helper is back to assist me in a few months time and if everything goes well i should be able to get my second helper in a weeks time. I feel so blessed at this moment to have someone helping me with the kids and house chores.

Anyway, here's an Altered Canvas Back for Papier. for more scrappy info kindly go here. Still feeling tired and all so it's gonna be a short post. Hoping to get back to normal soon. Take care all. Happy Monday...:))))

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Creative Scrapper #192

Hey all, i hope there's still someone reading my blog! lol. I know the entry is getting lesser by the week but hopefully my next week i would get back my time (or life..hahaha). I'm sorry as this is gonna be a short post again. It's dinner time and the kids is screaming.

A layout created for the above blog using cardstock, mists, dusty attic lasercut chipboard, lost & found chipboard stickers n buttons, die cut tags and Alpha's. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my chinese friend Gong Xi Fa Cai. Have prosperous dragon year! :)))

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gift Swap - Bird house

Hey all, yeah i've actually abandon this blog for too long. I just can't wait for feb where things are more settled by then. Anyway here's sharing my altered bird house. We (the scrapping queen group! Lol) decided to swap gifts for the New year. Each of us have to come up with one project and my bird hse goes to...the awesome Jamie Lee.

In return i rcv a gorgeous 7G altered tray from d fab Chris Lim! It was a fun day for us. I had a blast and i love all d awesome projects done by my fellow scrappers. Oohhhh i wish we could swap every month!!! Lol

So gotta go peeps. I'm blogging fm phone while trying to put my girl for a short nap. Looks like i fail miserably!!! Hahaha..:))))

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Live & Love Layout For Papier

Ola ladies, this gotta be a short post as i'm about to put the kids to sleep. I'd like to apologized for not being able to visit some of the blogs. I am really pressing for time that scrapping and blogging has somewhat taken a back seat and not the top most priority at the moment. I promised once i have the extra hour i'll come n visit u ladies and will leave comment.

Sharing a layout i did for my dt post over at Papier. Love the Graphic45 papers! Just something that i whip up in a hurry...n i really mean on the very last minute. Scrap and post! lol. Thanks for still being here and leaving me love! :))))

Monday, January 9, 2012

Creative Scrapper #190

My lil munckin turns 4 yesterday..oh well she's not so small anymore now. Seeing how she grew up so fast before my eyes brings back the memory of holding her tiny body in my arms. I miss having her as my baby and each day i never failed to kiss her warm cheek and feel her now heavy weight on my lap. I love her so much. I didn't get to blog yesterday about her birthday. To my darling daughter..'Happy Birthday baby, we love u lots!'.

Anyway back to this entry. Layout created for Creative Scrapper #190. Awesome sketch! Playing with Melissa Frances pp and embellishment, also Prima flowers, MM Glitter Die Cut, Tim Holtz Seasonal Distress Ink, Dusty Attic Chipboard, Doilies, Lace, MS flower, Cupcake liner and many more.

I didn't get to scrap much this few days and i hope to get all my projects done before the due date. Thanks for dropping by and leaving me comment. :)))

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Non submitted Layout3

Hey peeps, i had a very busy saturday! Woke up at 7 for Jazzercise Kickboxing class at Damansara. I thought i could sneak a lil nap in the afternoon but..yup u guess it right, the kids!!! They were bugging me for drinks and snacks all day. Even after a heavy lunch, Alif esp constantly asking for food! much can an 8 years old eat???? lol. 

Dinner at night to celebrate double birthday, dad's was yesterday and Ally today. So we decided to do the celebration together. There's only us, mom n dad. I'm happy and thankful to be given the opportunity to celebrate dad's bday again this year. Happy 63rd dad! We love u so much! Thank you..for taking care of us even till this moment. We wud be lost without u!

Back to this entry, the final layout that did not get submitted. I'm sure u know why by now and if not pls read my 2 previous entry..hehehe. Thanks for being here..:))))

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Non submitted Layout2

This is a continuation of yesterday posts of my layouts that i did not submit for Webster Pages Clean & Simple Dt Call. Still using WP Papers and mixture of embellishment, i created a clean & simple look even though my hands itch to add more! lol. 

It's the second day of kindy for Ally and first day of school for my son Alif so u can imagine the morning madness and rush! We woke up n get ready, have a quick breakfast and woossshhhh we're out the door. Hubby and me drove different car to 2 different place, yes one head north the other south! lol. I'm convince too by the end of the month with this ordeal..i'm gonna lose weight as if saying bye to yesterday! Yup..that fast! lol.

Okay will be back tmrw to share the final layout! Cheers..:)))

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Non submitted Layout1

Today is my lil angel first day at Kindy. Omg..i am one proud mom! I was praying things will be easy for us. I expected screams and wailing coming from her but i was wrong!!! Yes, she was nervous and panic for the first hour but after seeing her spread on the floor with activity books my heart flutter and yes i was so proud of her!!! Not even a single tears! I was beaming with happiness the whole day and nothing could pull this feelings away.

Anyway, lets hope for the same tomorrow perhaps much better. So here come's the layout that i did not submit for Webster pages Clean & Simple Dt call. Why if u ask? Simply because i'm not ready for the commitment! Not just yet..not because of rejection. I'm fine with the latter but since i am still maidless at the moment and tell ya the truth i cant even find a decent free time to do my own facial at home!!! lol. I was tempted and on the last minute decided not turn in my project! 3 lo together using webster papers.

Instead i will just share it with u here. Sad, isn't it..not being able to create as u wish. I have come to a point of frustration at times. There is plenty of dt call in Nov & Dec but i cant even seems to think straight and send in my application! *sigh*..perhaps 2012 will be good for my crafting. It started off great and i hope this maid issue will be settled soon enough before i went really bonkers! 

I have two more layout to share in a few days time. Till tomorrow, take care peeps...:))))

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Altered Dusty Attic 12x12 Shadow Box

Ola peeps. How was your New Year Celebration? I hope it went well and everyone had a good time. I was busy preparing for the kids new school term. Yes i know very last minute! Hahaha. Anyway i still need to struggle to finish few tasks tomorrow. Starting wed things gonna get a little hectic here with 2 kids in school and running around with errands, pick up's and to Papier all in a days work is sure sounds too much for me! lol. Anyway i'm hoping i'm able to cope, the important things is planning! Yup..gonna try my best!

Here's sharing my altered project that was long overdue! Hahaha..finally i cant wait no more and decided to go ahead with it. The original box color is kraft and i painted it with MS paint and medium. After embellishing i spray misted the side with Tattered Angel mists. I'm sure u can spot Dusty Attic Chipboard, Gauze, Prima Pattern Papers, Prima Flowers, Lace and more.

I hope i'm able to see u here again but no promises. My madness starts tomorrow! lol...:))))