Thursday, May 28, 2009

My NachosNachos

Hey guys, I cant sleep thinking bout my long trip tomorrow. Before I sign out for a long vacation I just like to update on what I do for a living. Together with 2 partners and help from hubby we set up a Mexican Restaurant called NachosNachos.
The concept and menu planning was done together as a team. My function as a director is more on administering the place. I leave the operation and menu planning to both my partners cum manager. At the moment there is 2 operating outlet located at SACC Mall Shah Alam and Giant Kota Damansara. More about this place of mine please go to:

So please drop by the restaurant if u have the chance, try our food and comment/feedback are welcome. Till then 'adios amigos'...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anniversary Cupcakes

Ohhh i almost forgot..hubby went back to Kuching yesterday for a meeting and he managed to ordered this amazing cupcakes from his cousin. Thank you Siti Wan Yusof for the delicious and yummy looking cuppies. I like!!!!

Photos credit to Siti from 'my cookie jar'

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1 Day and counting...

Hey peeps, today might be my last entry before my long holiday. Yuuppp I’ll be absent for 17 days or more. It’s a family vacation + Anniversary gift. Maybe some of u are wondering where the heck I’m going..hehehe. Ok first stop wud be here:

Then here:

And finally here:

I will try my best to update my blog whenever I got the time or if I’m not too exhausted by end of the day. Hhmmmm bear in mind I’m traveling with a 6 yrs old and a 17 months toddler. So I’m expecting the worst..hehehe..but insyallah it’ll be a fun and enjoyable trip.

Pray for my safe journey guys. Thanks…till then ‘adios’

Monday, May 25, 2009

To my 'sayang' with luv

8 years has passed since we took our vow
Still until today I feel it flow
I love u sayang high or low
Till forever I hope to grow

No marriage is like a bed of roses
It needs nurture in all the right places
You and me it takes togetherness
To build our dreams into happiness

Alif and allysha our heart and soul
In their eyes we found our joy
Together we will make it our goal
Taking care of our kids not like a toy

Thank you luv for sharing
I’m wanting it all and u ask nothing
For all u did was loving
My heart and being u always caring

On this meaningful day I hope to give
A little of what I know to be
Nothing big nothing to spree
Just a poem to you from me

-With all my heart and soul-

Amelia + Khalik

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Food glorious food

Saturdays a day for fun and play
With my family we find our way
In search of food to make our day
Alexis bangsar we headed today

Nasi istimewa alexis is what he had
Nasi goreng kerabu is not at all bad
Together we indulge like mad
It’s too delicious to be spared

Meringue and Pavlova is sinfully yummy
Once served it’s halfway in my tummy
Don’t worry I told my lil bunny
We’ll dine here again promised mummy.

I want..i look..i found..i buy...

I was surfing the other day and bump into this shoe was from Nine West range and it looks ohhh so me being me..yesterday i went to Mid Valley in search of something similar and i found these..yupp it was lurve at first sight..and's RED!!!

Nine West Montior

Red Guess Wedges

and to add more damage i went back to basic with 3 tees and a legging. Hhhmmm i guess enough to last me through the week..hehehe.

Basic Tees and leggings from Dorothy Perkins
And i'm already thinking of what to get tomorrow..hhhmmm..hubby is gonna confiscate his supplimentary card from me soon!!!
Sorry yang..i luv u!!! hehehe

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Galvanic Spa System II

Have u heard of this amazing gadget? I was introduced to this thing by my ex batch girl from MAS. I swear it works like miracle to uplift ur sagging skin and reduce wrinkle. It’s only been a month that I start using it but already people notice the difference in my skin tone. It minimizes my pores and my fine lines is now totally non existence. How does these gadget works?? See explanation below.

How does it work?

The Galvanic Spa System II gives the skin a radiant, healthy-looking glow with a combination of safe, gentle, low-level galvanic currents and two specially formulated gels.

The Pre-Treat Gel is negatively charged. It contains mild surfactants allowing it to purify the skin. During the Pre-Treat cycle, the Galvanic Instrument is also negatively charged. As you may know, like charges repel each other. Therefore, as the two negative charges repel each other, the negatively charged Galvanic Instrument helps to deliver and drive the negatively charged Pre-Treatment Gel into the skin.

The Treatment Gel is positively charged. During the Treatment cycle, the Galvanic Instrument is also positively charged. The positive charges again repel each other, helping to deliver and drive the beneficial ingredients, including Magnesium, Aspartate, and Arginine into the skin. Additionally, some of the negatively charged impurities can be drawn out of the skin as they are attracted to the positively charged instrument. Simply removing any excess gel from the skin with a damp cloth will leave the skin refreshed and radiant.

Keep in mind that individuals should use Galvanic after cleansing with a Nu Skin cleanser. The Galvanic Spa System is not designed to be a cleanser, but does help to purify the skin while improving the skin's appearance.

The half-face treatment

The half-face treatment is one of the best ways of being able to display the benefits and results of the Galvanic Spa System II. In less that 10 minutes you are able to see a remarkable difference - a difference that can make you look up to 10 years younger. This treatment also allows you to contrast the results with the other untreated side of your face.

- Info taken from

So ladies how about a designer skin to go with ur designer handbag and designer clothes n shoes?? Interested??? Let me know..hehehe.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blast From the Past

Wishing On A Star - Rose Royce

Lyrics Beyonce - Wishing On A Star lyrics

One of my favourite songs during my teenage days@picad. hehehe..if ur partying during the 90's i'm sure ur familiar with this song. Blast from the past!!

More Birthdays and Lunch meet up

Last Sunday was my nephew and sister in law birthday. Remember the gifts that I bought in previous entry?? Yup it was for last week events. Adam is 6 and my sil..eerrr not so sure..hehehe. it was a simple gathering for family and friends. There’s a cake cutting and makan2 session and after that just hang out catching up on things with each other.

On monday I decided to meet up with my old
buddy..mummycool aka ana. We meet up at her place in N**** and then off to this amazing restaurant called Aunty Aini’s. she served one of the most amazing daging masak lemak cili padi with belimbing..oh my tasted so good that I had to tapau (take away) for later. Even her asam pedas was magnificent!!! Delicious, tasty and good service. I truly enjoy my lunch there and the company too. It’s not often I get to see ana so we had a brief catch up session.

Nothing interesting happened today except that my house is restored back like before. No more leaking and most of the problems had been fixed. Overall I’m satisfied with the work done and relief too cos they managed to complete the job in less than 2 weeks.

Earlier tonite I went for jazzercise and feeling a bit sleepy now. I might retire early..till then..nite2 peeps!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Help Save Mother Nature

Have u thought about it?? What have I done to save mother nature?? Our very own mother earth. And what role have u taken in educating our love ones from endangering the earth??? Just a simple gesture will reduce the risk and help to preserve nature. U can do ur bit cos I started to do mine about a year ago.

First step I took was to separate my garbage for recycling purposes. Papers, plastic bottles and glasses are separated into different garbage can. Every week my friends mom will come and collect the items to be sent for recycling. Just recently I started my second step in preserving earth..i say NO to PLASTIC BAG.

Yes fabulous people out a recycle bag, use it for ur next shopping trip or whenever u go to ur nearest grocer or ‘pasar’. I found my amazing bag at . Fret not when using this bag cos it’s washable and it can carry a weight up to 20 kg. isn’t that amazing peeps??? Plus it’s light weight and easily folded into a palm size.

If that doesn’t get u interested, here’s another reason why u should say no to plastic bag:

* Thousands of marine animals and more than 1 million birds die each year as a result of plastic pollution

* The United Nations Environment Programme estimates that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic litter floating in every square mile of ocean.

* Plastic bags are often mistakenly ingested by animals, clogging their intestines which results in death by starvation. Other animals or birds become entangled in plastic bags and drown or can’t fly as a result.

* Even when they photo-degrade in landfill, the plastic from single-use bags never goes away, and toxic particles can enter the food chain when they are ingested by unsuspecting animals.

* Greenpeace says that at least 267 marine species are known to have suffered from getting entangled in or ingesting marine debris. Nearly 90% of that debris is plastic.

- facts and info taken from envirosax websites.

Even Nandos is coming up with their own campaign by introducing their very own reusable non woven bags design by renowned fashion designer Melinda looi. It’s so hot i didn’t even notice my take away dinner are getting cold as I was busy parading around the mall with my chic dinner/lunch tote!! Hahaha. So grab one the next time u eat there and do ur bit for charity as 50sen from each purchase of the bag will be donated to the GreenAid fund.

I will not want my children to be asking me this question one, how does crocodile looks like??? Hhhmmm lets see..why don’t I just search the image online..i’m sure they have it somewhere cos they surely are none at the zoo!!! Ooohhh that will be a sad and tragic day for me. Why wait??? Start doing ur part today plus u get to shop in style and stay vogue even at the wet market!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Holiday trip but i have a wish list...

Since I’m traveling with a 6 yrs old and a fifteen month toddler I guess having a list will make life easier. I know what I want and basically a rough idea where to get it. I did my research on the store location etc..hehehe not bad uhh!! When it comes to shopping I’ll go the extra mile and extra effort!!! But who knows they’ll be xtra addition here n there..hehehe.

So here comes the list in no particular order

I hope to find the below items at Thomas Sabo and Sephora

Harajuku limited edition fm sephora