Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday 31st Oct

I had a tiring but meaningful day today. First agenda in the morning is to meet up with fellow blogger for my crafting supply..none other than the sweet Naddy. I’m so sorry beb if I’m such a chatterbox..hehehe that’s just me. I get excited meeting new friends that sometimes I forgot that it’s not all about me!!!

We had a good chit chat session and we shared something in common ‘crafting’ n ‘shopping’…she got something from Zara n mine La Senza... hahaha. But the truth is I’m more excited about the crafty material that I ordered from I wish I could get my hands dirty at this hour!!! Patience is a virtue…I think in some cases yes it implies maybe I’ll sleep over it and get more inspirations later on.

At 5.00 I took my kids to Gymboree Tropicana for ‘Gymbo Birthday Halloween Party’ yes it maybe confusing for some but the party is to celebrate gymbo’s birthday..and the party theme is halloween..hahaha. anyway my kids had fun with all the activities line up on d day which includes dancing, bubbles n parachute play, haunted house, pumpkin throw n many more. I’ll publish the pics once it’s ready, Mr hubby is still too busy to transfer n resize the photos.


And that ended my fun filled Saturday…:P

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ssshhhhh...I've got that Boom Boom Pow...


I like that Boom Boom Pow
Them chickens jackin' my style
They try copy my swagger
I'm on that next, sit now

I'm so 3008 you're so 2000 and late
I got that Boom Boom Boom
That future Boom Boom Boom
Let me get it now

(Part Lyrics of Boom Boom Pow-BEP)


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

'Telekung' For Sale!!!

On my recent trip to Kuching, i managed to grab a few 'telekung' from Serikin (Border of Sarawak n Kalimantan). Yes i'm planning to sell off few of the 'telekung'. Rest assured the price i'm giving away is way much cheaper than what u can get from the local seller here. Anyone interested do email me at For the moment i will only post these 2 pics. I hope the photo quality do justice to the real thing. It looks way much better in real life..hehehe.

RM 75, Inclusive of Bag..colours available - Pink, Purple n Blue

RM150..colours available - Blue, Purple and Pink

Anyway my trip would not be complete without something from Duty Free..and also to add more to my overwhelming collections..hahaha..tie rack scarfs n CD items. No..these r not for sale!!! :P


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It Rains Beautifully....

It’s been a while since I let my creative juice flow..time envy me!!! I couldn’t even get my hands to do a simple crafting project!!! But today I managed to squeeze some limited time to get on with a bookmark project that I’ve been long to indulge!! I managed to find some amazing things at a local bookstore..i went wild with stickers and ribbons. Just to add more colours to brighten my mood. Well as u readers are aware I’ve been struck with a couple of saddened news lately..(the passing of relatives) and what better way to cheer myself up with a bit of colours in my life.

I’m planning another project real mark my coming birthday!!! *wink wink*..hahaha I’m getting old but young at heart. Well don’t worry so much about the number, I’m planning to age gracefully!!!’s raining as I did my helps to soothe me and I’m happy with the outcome. Till next’s a poem for u to enjoy..


Down came the rain
Lashing against my window pane
Instantly awake are my brain
For a little crafting keeping me insane

Tiny crystals soothing sound
To my ears a joyful melody
A drop of happiness I finally found
Thank you ‘Allah’ for it’s sung beautifully…

Sunday, October 25, 2009

'Telekung' from Serikin

we managed to squeeze some limited time to Serikin (border of Sarawak n Kalimantan). I managed to grab few pieces of telekung which is selling at a reasonable price for frens n family. I'm planning to sell off few pieces to those interested pls let me know...:)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Memory of Arwah Siti cousin

Remember my entry on ‘100 days’. We had ‘tahlil’ to mark the 100 days since my arwah cousin passed away. Few days later the family went to visit arwah’s kubur to plant flowers and also to pay respect to their late sister. Eida ( the youngest in the family) was kind enough to let me share this photos with my FB frens and bloggers.

My Cousin (Julie), Arwah's husband n kids, Mak Long

It’s just a memory that I wish to cherish with frens n family. Thou sometimes it’s hard to swallow and yet many2 of my frens out there reminded me of how lucky we are to be given the opportunity to cherished our own life with our love ones while we can.

My Cousin (Eida) n Mak Long holding little Qays (Arwah's son)

Take each and everyday and make use of it to our best ability for we will never know what ‘Allah’ has bestowed upon our fate. Love ur family, ur frens, neighbours and people around u for u may never know when u will say ur last u want to be remembered.

Arwahs's daughter n husband

Al Fatihah…

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sad Day..

Al Fatihah...
A sad and tragic day for us indeed. Hubby's Brother In Law passed away this afternoon due to heart attack. Arwah leaves behind my sister in law and 7 children. May Allah blessed his soul. Aminnn....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Games R Us...

Everyone has their own way of spending quality time with their it just watching movies, or tally or even reading together. As for us it might sound weird but we enjoyed playing games at home. Sometimes with each other but most of the time we’ll do it individually.

My family is a gadget freak..and all this I must say r influenced from Mr Hubby aka ‘abah’. Some might think of it as unhealthy but for me as long as all things are settled then i'm ok. Alif done with his reading and mummy done with playing ‘mom’ hahaha..then it’s alright.

Yes my house is a kids n d 'BIG Boys' sanctuary..that much I must say... PS3, Nintendo Wii, G Force 2 Steering wheel, PSP and of course the much needed iphone for various downloaded games. At this moment my fav would be Uno and stoneloops. Yeaahhh we’re like a freaking kid when it comes to stuff like that…hahaha.

I believe they’re part of us deep inside that never wanna grow up and the best thing is we’re so alike..(me n hubby). At any given day esp during the weekends u will see us meddling with our own things (gadget) in hand. For me it’s a sight to behold!!! Hahaha.

I’m not at all shock if in the future my son Alif turns out to be a 'games developer'..who knows maybe he’ll earn millions one day!!! insyAllah..amiinnnn. Mummy will ‘doa’ for the best *wink*..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feng Shui n Jade

Do u believe in feng shui??? I know a thing or two about feng shui but never an expert. As long as it is not against our beliefs and not superstition I guess it’s ok to have a sense of acceptance towards things like that. For example..i have a koi pond right in the middle of my house/courtyard and one of the important things I look for when buying a house is that it must be airy and have lots of windows/sliding doors.

My staircase is facing directly the front@main door and so I built a partition to block the area in between. I have no particular reason in doing so but my instinct says that it was a good move as I don’t think it’s a good idea for my guest to be greeted by a view of a staircase when they entered the house. And I also love money plant. I have plenty of it around the house. Those who is a feng shui expert will probably know the reason of why the koi fish, money plant and the partition existed. For me it is not only coincidence but also it did me no harm in believing that those are part of the aura that brings positive energy in my household. Of course apart from Allah’s will and blessing.
My recent charm purchased is from Qacac and I choose jade and aventurine to adorn the beautiful creation and masterpiece that Rina did for me. It is by far the most beautiful bracelet/charm I ever owned. Thank you Rina!!! It looks so grand on my skinny wrist..hehehe.

According to the Chinese feng shui ‘jade is said to be the stone of heaven and wearing jade is not only to confer greater health and vitality, but also to ward off back luck and misfortune. Jade is so multi-faceted in its meanings and qualities that it has virtually unlimited potential for use as a feng shui enhancement or cure for your home or for your personal adornment.’

Article above is taken from

But anyway..i’m just loving this charm cos it looks great with my many2 white shirts!!! Hahahaha…:P

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Out goes Melamine in came Porcelain!!! hahaha..

Every women take pride in their collections of Bone China or Noritake or Corelle or RD or whatever expensive brands out there. As for me I do have a few sets of Corelle courtesy from my ever than willing mom, who goes all out buying them for me…thanks mom..i know u love me!!! Hehehe.

If it’s not for her I would probably still serving my guest the usual outdated looking melamine that has turn yellowish over the years!!! Hahaha. Mom constantly reminded me that apart from buying expensive handbags I should also take pride in owning a few quality pieces of dinnerware n tea sets at home. Which, I agreed after the ‘not so long’ lecture by mom.

Anyway..few weeks back mom reminded me again that I need to change the everyday use dinnerware for a more better looking and quality ones. I think she despised the melamine that I used to serve her dinner. Hahaha..poor mom.

So in order not to break her heart again..*I told u I love her* I find reasons to get a new sets of plates. And so..tonite I had my dinner..a dish of ’mee sedap’ served with my new china porcelain!!!.. and it tasted way much better… kekeke.. *bravo..bravo*…aren’t u guys proud of me???..:P

100 Days

Today marks the 100 days since my ‘arwah’ (cousin) passed away. We attended tahlil at pak long’s house tonite. Arwah’s son Qays Aiden is now 5 mths old. He’s a jovial and a strong baby. I saw him smiling today and yes he’s gonna be a heart breaker one day. ..hehehe. what can I say..he’s adorable!!!


There’s so much things playing around my mind but I guess it’s hard to spill it out here..only thing is I believe a mother would sacrifice anything and everything for her children including her own life. Yes that’s how big a sacrifice ‘arwah’ did and I pray that ‘heaven’ is where she belongs. InsyAllah..and may Allah blessed her soul. Amin..

Arwah's Daughter