Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Have we done enough??

I sent alif to school this morning and i'm glad to note that he's doing fine. He seems eager to start d day and he was all smile when we left. Alhamdulillah.

I'm at home right now n was wondering about certain issues being raised by friends and some from my observation. Coming from a close knit family my dad has always been there for us esp during ctitical times when mom n us truly need d support from d most important man in our life. I dont remember going for my 1st day of school without him. He was there since my standard 1 till as long as i cud remember but of course i told him to drop n go as soon as i was in secondary school.

And so i'm puzzled to d trend n behaviour of certain parent nowdays! I cant grasp d idea of some who truly leave everything to d wife n have d care less attitude towards their own child!! Some even went missing on holidays on d kids first day at school!!! It's sickening to think how selfish some can be...and u call urself a mother n father??

If i was put in d kids situation i wud probably grew up hating them n not surprised if on Hari Raya i wud take my family on holiday instead of balik kampung!!! Well heyyy god is great what goes around do come around. When u r old n lonely..see who will come running to ur rescue!!! Ur son or dotter wud probably say they're too busy to come n visit or worst still too busy to even take u to d hospital and what's worst is..they cud probably be on holiday when ur on ur death bed!!!

God forbid me for being cruel on writing this entry but i am full of hatred to these unconcious minded people!!! I am by far the perfect mom but i am 100percent sure my kids r well taken care off because I CHOOSE to do it. A good friend always said this to me 'anak2 itu amanah daripada Allah' n what have u done for this amanah??? Do u think it's enough to dump ur 'amanah' for d bibik to care for or for ur mom to look after? N u hope when ur 'amanah' is all grown up they will care for u??

Think again my friend as to why ur children refused to obey u n cant wait to grow up n leave d house! U may not feel d pinch now but 'nauzubillah' pray that it wont happened to u!! I'm all bitter at d moment. I just do not understand how some of us out there can be so COLD heart n soul!!! We all claimed we love our children...but did we really??? Have we done

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eynda said...

Ame....iphone boleh taip sepanjang entry ni ek..wow :-)
Eynda setuju 101% dgn apa yg u cakap :-)

Amelia Khalik said...

eynda boleh..tapi set back dia alignment haru biru lahhhh kekeke. normally bila ada yg important giler nak dicerita n tak sabar2 nak update i pakai iphone dulu later2 i edit balik.

mariam said...

kat BJ I selalu tengok dua budak ni jalan ngan maid dia gi sekolah with baby in the stroller I dunno la memang ai ni judgmental ke hapa..ai rasa cam tak patut esp if its raining. then for breakfast maid tu beli sugus la and twisties then kalau budak tu nak lebih the maid cakap not in budget mahal sgt. hmmm am sure they live nearby(am guessing tropika 1/2) sure have the means to provide better breakfast...kan???

Amelia Khalik said...

Hi yam. Yeahh kesian jgk but i cud understand that most parents had to work n nak pantau bibik pun very d susah if ur not around kan. But mostly i'm very upset with mothers yg dah lah tak keje..not fulltime anyway n still failed to take interest of their kids need. kalau takat hantar n send anak to school tuh kira mcm tanggungjawab besar sgt lah kot! sigh..entah ler i pun bkn elok sgt n i guess we need reminder sometimes so as not to lupa diri!! kannnn...hehehehe.