Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mini Album Pt6

Happy New Year to those celebrating!!! May the rabbit year brings more prosperity and success to u guys. So what's ur plan for the next few days? As for moi..hhhmmm lets see, since my sil is in town we'll probably be hanging out with her n her kids. I have a scrapbook class on saturday + mini album swap with the ladies..eheemmmm u know who u are! and on sunday it's free n easy day yeah n to finish up on a fresh batch of altered projects! lol.

I've got few layouts to share but perhaps in the next couple of days. On to my album. I did this on a request from someone but as it turns out she was not keen on the colours that i choose's free for swap!!! Hahaha. I did another one for her and she was happy with the second album. I think on my next project i will do 'as and when' mini album and wud just post it here for grabs. Personalised album is..hhhhmmmm how shall i say it..too much of a headache??? lol.

So point to note for those whose interested out there. If in future u see what u like juz lemme know asap to reserved it for u. I cannot copy or immitate the same design. Most of the time i will do my album my kind of way which is pretty much like me..impromptu!! So yeah...definitely cant repeat the same. Just like Piccaso or u see 'Monalisa' painted twice??? Definitely not!!! lol..(ok that is too much for comparison) lol..Sorry guys. :))

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Lynnda Hosni said...

Fair enough ... LOL...

You did so well with Mini Album... great combo... personally I think its hardwork... but looking at you... it seems like breeze as the wind... you're too good eh.... xoxo