Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Opening Soon Craven Cafe Bukit Antarabangsa..

Firstly I would like to congratulate Mr Hubby for the soon to be open Craven Café at Bukit Antarabangsa. Another milestone in his growing profile, Alhamdulillah..i’m so proud of you yang!!! Joint venture between few partners, Craven café (Nasi Kandar) is opening their doors to public insyAllah this coming Friday (20th Nov 09).

We took my parents last week to view the place. It is strategically located next to Petronas and Giant Bukit Antarabangsa. Trust me u wont miss finding it. Apart from serving Nasi Kandar, there’ll also be a western menu and a selected choice of Nachos2 Menu. Yessss peeps, we tried to squeeze our famous Mexican menus along with the nasi kandar!! Hahaha.

So guys..coming next week do look for a new place to hang out as it’s open for 24 hrs!!! but nevertheless forget Nachos2 NOT!! But please don’t ask for kak ame aka amelia in Craven!!! Hahaha…I have no direct involvement what so ever..this one is purely his!!!


Once again..early congrats to u sayang. I’ll post more opening photos soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I happen to be Najeeb's SIL and came across ur blog. Congrats on the opening of new Craven Cafe...yeah can't wait to sample the original nasi kandar! and hopefully ur Nachos :) Take care.

SarahMalek said...

1st of all congrats to u n fmly for the soon to open craven rstrnt. just wondering is it the same Craven previously at Petronas Ampang (the one that Kayu took over now)?insyaALlah will come to to craven once it's open...thanks!

kaezrin said...

i have yet to try nachos nachos la...must go there and hope tokey ada sekali nk introduce signature dish utk i..boleh ker???

iekaz said...

hey, i didnt knw the new opening craven is ur hubby's :). i passed by it evryday! yelakan.. i dok kat BA, so logiklakan.. :).

insyaallah nnti i heret my hubby pi sane. kitorang kalau lepak kat area tu, lepak kat the only mamak rest kat situ jek.. sbb ade wifi.. hihi.

snowiffy said...

congrats to ur other half! another new baby ya...nk support daily but jauh sgt laaa..anyhow will try pay carven a visit soon ;)

Amelia Khalik said...

Hello qahina. What a small world yeah..I'm sure the Nasi kandar will taste superb cos this is najeeb n ur family's original recipe. I can't wait to taste it too!!! Soon I bet I'll gain few kilos. But it's ok...life's good!!! Alhamdulillah

Sarah tq dear. Yes this is the same craven previously located at ampang..just different partnership!!! Hehehe. Pls drop by in the near future..:)

elin, anytime, anyplace...just name the date n which outlet. Nanti I tunggu.....hehehe

ieka..ohhh I know which shop ur referring too..infact the owner was so nervous about having craven around!!! Kekeke. Biasalah kan business mcm tuh lah..jgn lupa singgah yea...

Yanie tq dear. I know it's far fm my place too...:( tapi kandar punya pasal Ari sabtu or minggu adalah I bertenggek kat sana nanti... Hehehe

Amelia Khalik said...
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adriana az said...

jgn lupa bff yek,kita mesti pekena kandar kat sana ramai2..