Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's Hero Time!!!

We went to watch Ben10 live show at KLCC today. The place was pack with Ben10 fans and eager parents!!! hahaha. Well I’m just gonna sum up the show as something entertaining for the kids. Jammed pack with lotsa actions and bu** kicking!!. My principle is simple..if my kids like it then I rest my case, besides the aim is to make them happy and not for my satisfaction. I’m alright with whatever on display.

As usual my more than excited son truly enjoyed the show n was glued to his seats for more than 1 ½ hours!! But of course they have a 20 mins break in between. Once the show ended he even complained that it was too short!!! Aarrrgghhh..who ever says it’s easy to satisfy a kid?? Especially one like mine..

All in all, it’s a good way to spend the school holidays with them. Something for d kids to talk n remember about in a long while and yes my son never stop talking about it all the way home n even casually brief my ‘bibik’ about the storyline..*sigh*..


Abrahyn said... rahsia tau....i pon minat giler kat Ben10 nih....kalau main game tak hengat donia!!!siap marah kat Jon sbb dia delete game Ben10 i dlm PSP dia....tapi, takkan i nak ajak dia pi tgk show Ben10 lak, harusssss dia gelak guling2 kat i hehehehe....

adriana az said...

marissa frustrated sgt tgk gambar ni,we didnt book the tickets sbb tau balik from tgg mesti penat gila and i'm not well pulak*sigh*sian marissa,i still feel badabout this.
abrahyn,i'm also a big fan hahaha..

Amelia Khalik said...

Abrahyn..llaahhh awat tak habaq awal2 minat Ben10..boleh i beli xtra ticket n u can tagged along..tak ler malu sgt..kekeke. Ala beb patut nyer u angkut ajer anak buah ker anak sedara kerrr..cover line..

Na..ala kesian marissa nampak yek gamba nie. Takper lah disney on ice coming soon next year..we can go together2..