Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Homemade Foot n Body Scrub

I did something awesome today…yeaaayyy I did my own body scrub!!! I made a couple of jars and plan to give it to mom n sil. Even bibik is loving it n cant stop caressing her smooth hand n fingers..hahaha. Ok..this is gonna be my signature gifts from now onwards. Yesss gurls esp my BFF!!! Kekeke. In case any of u r interested to try your hands in making this amazing's my version of scrubs.

Lemon Foot scrub


Sea salt
Coconut oil
Baby oil

Mix sea salt with a couple of spoon coconut oil (go easy as the smell can be overpowering) then add baby oil. Stir until u get the right mixture (depends on ur preference)

Next grated the lemon and add the grated skin to the mixture, and lastly add the lemon juice.

Scoop into a clear jar and decorate as u wish.

Strawberry Body Scrub


Rock salt
Baby oil
Fresh strawberry (blend or smashed)
Rose essential oil (do not use aromatheraphy oil please)

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Add a few dash of essential oil. Store in a jar n decorate.

I did not add any preservative in my mixture and so I believe the shelf life of the product above is less than 2 mths. I’m not entirely sure on this. I will keep mine n see how long it last.

So there u have it ladies…n no more excuses of dry flaky elbow n coarse heel. Scrub away those dead skin cell n marvel at the new u…hehehe. Happy trying!


naddy said...

ohhh looks good ;)

adriana az said...

yeay for U!!!!u go girl!!love it,tak sabar nk tgk esok..:)

eynda said...

Wow...kagum...thanks for sharing..

iekaz said...

gosh!! u r so rajin n creative! i dont think m that rajin to prepare my own scrub eventho u've clearly shared the ingredients. gile pamalas i nih! :p

show me ur flawless skin after u dah sental2 ok? :)

Amelia Khalik said...

Naddy..smells n feel good too...:)

Na..i hope u like it..nanti blh order kat aku yea..hehehe

Eynda..kalau ada masa cuba buat confirm tak rugi tau..

Iekaz..hehehe..i do take orders..kekeke. Saja lah beb..but honestly puas hati buat sendiri..

okinokiyo said...

Love ur blog to the max. You shud sell it!!
Dahla u deco lawa..ok konfem harini i beli seasalt..
besnyeee !!

thx for sharing

Abrahyn said...

pandainyer buat sendiri...jimat belanja...later2 order dari you jelah ek...

Amelia Khalik said...

okinokiyo..welcome to my blog..hehehe. U shud try..kepuasan membuat is different from membeli. Infact bila buat sendiri kita tak kedekut nak taruh xtra ingredient. U can even add honey to the mixture..lagi powerrrr...hehehe

Abrahyn..nak order bolehhhh..u'll be my first customer..kekeke