Sunday, November 22, 2009

His Graduation Day!!!

Alif graduated from Kindy today. It’s been 3 years since he was a pupil at Al Ikhlas Cambridge Laman Sanur. Thank you to all teachers and director of Al Ikhlas for the knowledge shared and for loving each and every child in their individual way. I salute you!!. I was a bit emotional today but under control as my parents came to support young alif and they were a proud grandpa today.

I wish I could upload all the photos but it was still untouched and non transferable in My Hubby’s D700. so I guess it would take a while till I can get my hands on em. I’m positive all of the parents were proud of their kids irregardless of their results. I am one proud mommy!!!

But it’s a little disturbing to me that he’s attending Junior 1 next year. Well yup I’m just the average mom who get constantly worried about their children for no apparent reason, actually the truth is it’s the feeling of letting him go bit by bit that’s consuming my brain n my heart. I know it’s normal..everyone else will tell me that. Pardon me..i’m juz being a mom, isn’t that what they do best??? Getting emotional every now n then…hahahaha.

So today during his graduation, alif n the whole of sek13-Laman Sanur pupil performed a song titled ‘Air mata ibu’. Oohhhh why on such day they had to torment us more with such beautiful n sad song about us??? Hahaha…I had tears welling up the corner of my eyes and I hold back as long as I could but to no avail!!! Yesss I weep but not enough to let others know..thank god I was seated quite far off from the stage.

Alif said goodbye to all his friends and I secretly pray that he’s ready for a long journey in primary school. All the best my son!!! We love u…..


Erna said...

First time i tinggal comment here..
You were there yesterday? Since your entry about your son graduation on Sunday i cam dah terdetik ntah2 same school with my daughter.. so yesterday i kinda look around if nampak you..but takde plak. Hihi.. but then today reading this entry, hmmm betul la!
My daughter pun graduation smlm sek 13 depan not laman sanur but apparently they co-join the air mata ibu performance. I think we live in the same area as well ;)
So next year which school?
btw, salam kenal ;)

Amelia Khalik said...

Hi Erna, salam kenal to u too. Firstly..u had a very adorable boy!! tak sangka dia nyanyi kuat...cute sgt2. hahaha..we all semua gelak tgk dia. I'm staying kat BJ..u pun ker? Next year Alif will be attending Junior 1 kat Sri Cahaya, what about ur dotter? Sedih kan dgr lagu airmata ibu tuh..sayu lah plak..kekeke

adriana az said...

sob!sob!'re very good at controlling yr emotions,I would've embarassed myself and my kids with my endless sobbing..heheh..congrats aliff n his're a wonderful mom to your kids,well done my dear friend :)

Amelia Khalik said...

Na..if my parents were not there at that time sure dah banjirr...aku malu giler kat my mom..tuh yg control banget!! Thanks a lot my dear friend..apart fm my hubby u r also my pillar of strength..remember that!! hehehe

Erna said...

Yeah same area BJ ;)
oh kat Sri Cahaya. My doter insyaallah kat IISSA sek 4.
yerp, sangat sedih lagu tu. Even all kids expression pun sedih je.