Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ol School...

I’m happy that it rain nowadays, so that I get to wear my sweaters, cardi, wrap and jackets!!! Oohhh yes I’m enjoying winter ala Malaysian style. Isn’t it wonderful??? So today in my agenda was a meet up with my ex schoolmate at Swensen’s Subang Parade.


I’m not gonna elaborate more on what food we ordered?? What do we talk about in detail. Well mostly we went down memory lane back to ol school days and reminisces the many2 happy memory and our naughtiness during those days.


Yes we were a bunch of loud, naughty schoolgirls. But today after almost 20 yrs of not seeing most of them..we were still the same!!!! Hahaha. But mind u..some of us are lecturing while others are professional in various field. And yes I’m proud of us all!!! Hahaha. Who would have thought despite being a menace we did great!!!


So ‘cheers’ to us and hopefully this friendship will continue hereafter…

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