Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Card Making Class@Papier

Hey peeps..i had a wonderful n productive day. It was a good card making session at Papier. For those interested to know more about them pls go here.

I was actually late..or I might like to call it fashionably late!!! Hahaha. But teacher jessy was kind enough to wait for me before starting the class. Thank u!!! and so..we started our session by knowing a basic about our tools. Yuppp I was clueless the whole time as to how they achieved certain effects on the cards n now that I’m a little knowledgeable about it I’m certain I’m able to produce a better looking card in the future.

The classes lasted for more than 2 hrs. it was fun and mind opening as to so many possibilities of how to make used of a simple paper n turn it into a work of art!! And that is one good knowledge that I’m glad I acquired. You see it’s not that hard if u have the right tools!! Yes peeps…the normal scissors just wont do the job!!! I need to invest some huge chunk of my shopping money for this hobby of mine and yes crafting tools are EXPENSIVE!!!

I aim to get at least one or two items monthly until I get the complete basic tools for card making and scraping. Till then I’ll just try to make use of my creativity and make do with the existing items (which is very limited!!)


These are the final product of the session. Do u think they're nice??? Hehehe…


naddy said...

wuhooo soon u'll be hooked to scrapbooking... jom lah ber scrapbooking together gether ehehehe

Amelia Khalik said...

Beb..u know i secretly wish u r nearer to my side of town!!! hahaha..seriously i wud love to learn more techniques fm u..aarrggghhh bila lah agak2 nyer yea??..

naddy said...

Anytime pun boleh, ur place or mine x kisah... btw now dah ada duke senang je get to my place ehehehehe kalau u gi bukit antarabangsa bole la singgah my place ;)

u knw what, i bought a mannequin for my scraproom LOL nak gantung apa pun i tatau ahaha

teacher jessy said...

Hi Amelia! Thanks for attending the cardmaking class :) I had fun with u ladies & glad to meet another blogger friend! Ur cards are just amazing!! Ur blog is so fun to go thru & hope to see u around!

Ella said...

rajinnya u...
atleast u hv hobby in ur free time.

i was thinking now..what is my hobby during free time ek?..hahah

keep a good work dear..

Abrahyn said...

buat ler satu for me...*muka tak malu* ngeeeeeeeeeeeee

Amelia Khalik said...

Abrahyn...beb no prob, but u must come to my nachos first okay...hehehe

ella..sis it's fun once u dah start. Nowdays i hari2 nak beli crafting material..mau rabak poket i nanti..hehehe. But having a hobby is good..give it a try lah sis.

Teacher jessy..welcome to my humble blog. I truly enjoyed ur session yesterday n i will deft come back for more!!!

Naddy..insyallah one day kita buat session sama2. Beb..u beli mannequin??? Hahaha..kalo u bukak kedai jahit i cud understand why...hhmmm but scrapping? Hehehe...oohhh i know gantung ur handbag lah!!!

naddy said...

Itu lah, more for deco purpose lah kot... and can hang my embellishments... anyway for cheaper scrapbook stuffs can always drop by my site... i still have some items on sale :)