Saturday, June 13, 2009

Departure and Day 1 London

We departed from KLIA with Emirates Airline, first transit was Dubai for 4 hrs. Through out the flight my son was having a very bad ear blocked it was so uncomfortable that he cries in pain. He had to bear the pain for 6 hrs!! poor boy upon landed at Dubai airport we seek for medical assistance and ‘Syukur’ after the check up and medication he was able to continue the journey to Heathrow Airport which took another 7 hrs.

We arrived Heathrow roughly at 0700. A friend pick us up to a free accommodation courtesy or Mr Wahab from Pakistan. Hhmmm talk about sponsored house, it was located at East Acton probably 15 mins by bus to Oxford Street. The house itself is a medium size villa with huge backyard and 3 bedroom 3 bath, Kitchen, Lounge and dining area. It was comfortable for us even though it was vacant for more than a year cos the owner is living in Pakistan.

We didn’t do much on the first day except lounging around the house and catch up on much needed sleep. Only at night we managed to go for a decent dinner at a nearby Lebanese restaurant. And that ended our first day at LHR.


Mrs LVoe said...

ms sha nk p Mekah pun my ear tiba2 blocked. sakit gak sbb bdengung bile bcakp. lucky xde ape2.

Amelia Khalik said...

yea lah..kita nie pun kalau kena rasa sakit inikan pulak budak 6 tahun kan..kesian i tgk dia..tapi alhamdulillah takde apa2.