Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 3 London

Today is shopping day!!! Yeeaaaayyyy..i'm so looking forward to spend the whole day at Bicester Village which is almost 40 mins drive from london city. Yes i did my researched and found this amazing Factory Outlet online. When it comes to shop u can count on me finding even the tiniest store on earth...hahaha..that's how bad and extreme i can be!!!

Bicester is huge and they have brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Anya Hindmarch, CD, Timberland, Thomas Pink, Clarks, Ferragamo, Bally and many more. The prices here is at least 30%-70% marked down from the normal retail price plus further reduction on discontinued items and stock clearance.

Both of us have only one store in mind..POLO!!! Hahaha. We managed to grab like 8 tees, few jeans and few casual shirts. A clark shoes for the kids and more jeans from Timberland. If only i have more baggage allowance i wish to shop till i drop. I had to restrain myself not to be an impulsive buyer and regret i have thinking bout it now!! hah!! i should just bought that RALPH LAUREN TOTE!!!

My kids didnt have much fun, they gave me a confused look wondering why mummy went berserk like that girl in d shopaholic movie...ok i might exaggerate a bit but hey..alif did complained okay. We had sandwiches for lunch at Pret a Manger, there is limited choice for restaurants and cafes but it's okay..i'll eat sandwiches the whole week if i had too!!!

At 6 pm they close stores and we went hunting for food at East Acton and found a Lahore restaurant that served delicious beriani. That night i went to sleep smiling....

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Mrs LVoe said...

goshhhhhhhhh! im so jealous ;-( syiok yea bicester.