Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 11 Departure LON-DXB

Next Destination, London to Dubai (LHR-DXB). Our flight is scheduled to depart at 2.15 pm and arrival Dubai at 2.30 am local time. We went early to the airport to submit our VAT claim. It was all smooth sailing and we were really privilege due to traveling with children. So most of the time we were allowed to cut Q and that save us a lot of lining up and waiting. Pheewww!! And less headache for me too.

We board our much awaited trip simply because we are traveling on board Emirates A380. and my jaw dropped upon seeing the super sized jumbo aircraft in front of our boarding gate..yup it was huge!! I was ecstatic n excited. It was my very first and hopefully not my last. During my flying days I wanted so much to travel on the Concorde and sadly that dream of mine..never happen!!! Hahaha..but anyway..god is always great..he gave me the chance to travel on one of these!! It’s amazing and ‘Alhamdulillah’

Once on board I had the much awaited movie marathon as Allysha slept throughout most of the journey and I get to watch 2 movies..which one??? What else if it’s not the Confession of a Shopaholic and Brides Wars..yeahhh..chick flicks!!!

Finally at 2.30 am we landed at Dubai International Airport, took a taxi to Oasis Court Hotel Apartment and went to bed half past 4!!..i dreamt of BERIANI, CHIX TIKKA, AND MANGO JUICE. Arrgghhh heaven on earth..hahaha.


Ella said...

u travel tak pakai egen yer?.
seronok betul holiday lama2...

bilalah turn i nk ke London paris plak..haha..

Amelia Khalik said...

Hi ella, i tak pakai agent sebab dah byk kali pergi sini so basically i know my way around besides ada kawan2 yg bwk jln gak..hehehe.

insyallah one day nanti ada lah rezeki u.