Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 9 London

Another fun day for the kids as we headed to LEGOLAND, Windsor. The weather was not in our favour that started to rain all over london and it’s gloomy and chilly too! We had no choice as my kids is screaming of something FUN to do..they get bored of shopping unlike mummy. So to please my lil bunny we decided to go ahead anyway.

As u can see from the pic’s all of us had to put on our not so glamorous rain cot throughout the visit. Legoland is a park full of what else?? LEGO!!! Hahaha..but it was real fun and creative to see all these miniature towns and buildings made from lego. It is Alif second visit here so u can imagine him being a ‘SIFU’ n letting us know exactly where n what he wanted from here. Talking bout being Bossy!!! Hahaha.

Anyway..we did not managed to finished the whole park as we really did took our time enjoying each one of the rides and play area. We left at around 6 pm which is also the closing time and head back home and ‘tapau’ dinner from a nearby Pakistani restaurant.

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