Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 4 London to Paris

The day started as early as 7 am. I had to get the kids up and ready for our pickup at 9 am. Next destination Paris..the city of Fashion!!! We arrived St Pancras at 10 am for our train to Paris. Euro train travels at a speed of 320km/h, I have to admit it was one of the most comfortable ride I’ve experience. Allysha slept through out the journey, somehow I’ve got the feeling that my baby is not feeling quite well probably due to the weather change and too much activity.Alif on the other hand is excited and happy as he can be!!!

There is a service for refreshment and snacks onboard and the price is quite reasonable I must say. I had a lot of thinking done on board while having coffee and sandwich. What is it that bother me so much??? I’m torn between speedy, ellipse or alma. Hahaha I’m talking LV dear!!! Anyway by the end of d journey I’m still undecided.

We arrived Gare Du Nord station roughly around 12.30 pm. Took a mini van that cost us 80 euro one trip to Elysees Ceramic Hotel . Yeahhh..taxi fare is quite expensive in Europe and the distance is only 15 min away!!!!!

We dumped our luggage in d hotel before heading out n ready to explore Paris.
Our hotel is just on the corner of Champ Elysees. It was strategically located in one of the famous shopping district in Paris. After walking for few hundred metres there it was..the building that caught my eye!! Omg..it was so HUGE!! The biggest Louis Vuitton Store I’ve step into!!! And..the rest is history….

Happy with my loot (hubby is a happy man too!!) the scouting for food begins and we settle for a Lebanese AGAIN..hahaha. Pls dont ask me why??? After dinner we took more photos before calling it a day.

Day 4 ended with a bliss…

I guard these with my life!! hahaha


MN said...

masa i pegi paris, memang LV punya boutique tu sangat dominant dalam byk2 kedai lain...
nice catch!

Amelia Khalik said...

Thanks dear..mmg rambang mata i kat sana..hehehe itupun mampu rembat 2 jerr + the wristlet..kalau ikutkan hati mau rabak poket suamiku..hahaha

Mrs LVoe said...

nice catch babe!