Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 10 London

Today is our last day in London. Our next stop is Harrods to get what else??? Souvenirs. I managed to grab few fridge magnets, shopping bags, bears, key chains, pouches, toys etc. The place screams of Luxury..and Expensiveness. Only the rich and multimillionaires shops here..mere mortal like us shop at the gifts stores only..hahaha.

After getting what we wanted we head outside for window shopping and to spend the leftover money before our departure tomorrow. Finally I got the chance to get few magazines and tit bits, you was like second home to me during my flying days. Imagine going to London like 3 times in a month..yes that’s how bad my roster was and so coming back here is like a walk down memory lane..the difference is that I have 2 kids in tow..hahaha. I miss all the stuff I used to buy fm here..mainly the mags and tit bits from Mark & Spencer. And finally on the final day..i got to get those stuff..what a relief.

We took the train back to East Acton at around 6. We need to get back early cos I have sooooo many stuff to pack and I’m cracking my head on ways to stow those items. But thank ‘Allah’ it was all within our 60kg baggage allowance.

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