Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 14 Dubai

It’s our final day in Dubai and marks the last day of our long holiday. Uncle O'oi came to pick us up for lunch before dropping us at Dubai Mall again..Me and hubby had been discussing the night before on getting a new stroller for Allysha and Alif. No we did not anticipate to buy one but when we went to mothercare in Dubai Mall we saw this particular MacLaren stroller which is on sale and the interesting thing is they have this 2 wheels attachment for a bigger child to stand behind the stroller while mom/dad continue pushing the stroller. It was great and really convenient for our mall outing here in KL.

After much discussion we go ahead and purchase one. I’m glad we did so as I’ve been using the wheeler a couple of times and yes people do tend to glance with the big q on their forehead..where did they get those??? Hahaha. Anyway back to Dubai Mall. We had a chance to visit one of the biggest aquarium in the world. They have all sorts of fish including sharks. It was an experience and my kids were all oohhh and ahhhh’s.

More pictures and basically just taking our sweet time enjoying our last day at dubai. We went back at 6 something to do our final packing before leaving for KL..aaahhhh I miss my bed!!!


snowiffy said...

vacation yg sgt heaven ok!!! beruntung sgt jdi amelia. i luvre all d shots, u guys mmg pandai cari angle yg cun2. walaupun x dpt pergi, sgt puas ati bila tgk pix tu :)

Amelia Khalik said...

Thanks dear..i bersyukur sgt2 alhamdulillah ada rezeki jalan2..takper insyallah u akan sampai sini one day..must visit tau..shopping kain best!!!hehehehe