Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 8 London

I need to get few more stuff for family n friends. We went to Westfield shopping mall which is just 10 mins from the house. They have brand names like Ferragamo, LV, A/X, Timberland, Topshop, H&M, M&S and many more. Believe it or not we arrived half pass 10 and we stayed till they closed which is around half pass 7!! Hhmmm..there are still items that I did not managed to get during my previous shopping session like a watch for dad and a nice purse for mom and so today my aim is to get gifts for our families.

Mission accomplished, I’m quite happy and contented..finally my shopping list is done!! And I have no more worrying to do!! Hahaha. We had lunch at a sushi restaurant and yup it cost us a bomb compared to having one here in Malaysia but it was an experience to be able to have variety of food during our holiday.

Not much picture taking session as we were as busy as a bee. I did however scored a priceless item for myself..nothing huge or big, but just something I wanted..a Ferragamo loafers and my Thomas Sabo Charm!!! Told ya I’m a fan of charms. Dinner that night is at a Lahore Restaurant with menu of Beryani, nan, curry and dhal..awesome!!!

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