Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 6 Paris

Hubby and Alif left in the morning to La Valle Village for more shopping, as for me..i decided to stay back in the hotel for a bit of resting with Allysha. She was not feeling really great and I have given her medication and she’s recovering quite well.

By 4 pm hubby came back to fetch us. Next on the list is perfume hunting. Yup..i am a perfume addict and the best place to go here in paris is Sephora. It is a girls best a kid in a toy shop that’s how crazy I was in there. Tons and tons of the latest perfume and make up. Ohhh my..i just cant contained my excitement that I got 5 bottles of perfume for myself, 2 pack of eyeshadows from CD and Sephora, few lipstick and lip gloss and of course 4 bottles for him. Because of the amount of our shopping basket we get lots of free sample and gifts from the sales assistant. They are sooooo generous and I get a free makeover too!!!

After my needed therapy we took a stroll along Champ Ellysees before calling it a day.


Mrs LVoe said...

nape yea SA kat oversea more friendly than Malaysian? sha p Spore pun beli parfum dpt byk freebie.

Amelia Khalik said...

Sha..i rasa kat sini they all simpan freebies tuh for themself lah..sebab kalau ikutkan it should be standard in all country kan..nak mintak sample pun susah..

★ whoaamello ★ said...

I wish we had Sephora in Malaysia and I LOVE PERFUMES too!! =D =D

Amelia Khalik said...

whoaamello..yup i agree..i wish someone will bring sephora + H&M to malaysia. 2 of my fav brand...:)