Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 2 London

Second day in London and I’m already missing Malaysian food!!! What is it about us ‘melayu’ and our food??? hahaha. We started the day by having nasi goreng Malaysian style and after filling our empty stomach everyone rushed to get ready for the day ahead.

We took the bus from East Acton to Baker Street where our destination Madame Tussauds lay. It is a Wax Museum created over 200 yrs ago. I’ve been here a couple of times and the figures and attraction keep changing. Little Allysha is too small to appreciate what’s on display but Alif on the other hand was excited to have meet spidey, Shrek, superman, Indiana jones and many2 more.

The only set back was the place is cramped with tourist and no baby strollers are allowed inside so u can imagine me carrying my 10kg baby throughout the tour that last us roughly 2 ½ hrs or more!!! It was mentally and physically challenging but I managed to survived the ordeal..hahaha.

After we left the Museum it was a hunt for a late lunch. We walk to Oxford Street which is about 15 mins walking distance and settled for a Lebanese food again. Reason being?? That’s the only available ‘halal’ restaurant within the vicinity, we’re too tired and hungry to look further.

Last activity of the day was strolling through Oxford Street and into Selfridges to get the prices of Gucci, CD and LV. Of course it wasn’t my intention to purchase anything that early besides I have like 12 more days to go. We took our bus back to the house at 9.00 pm.


kaezrin said...

I am new here..

i wanna know more whats happening for the next 12 days in London.. :P

nice kiddos..

Amelia Khalik said...

Hi Kaezrin, welcome to my humble blog..thanks for the compliment. More interesting stories and pics coming ur way..keep dropping by..hehehe..:)