Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 5 Paris

Alif has been waiting for this day to arrived..because..we’re going to..DISNEYLAND!!!! yeaaayyyy…I’m excited too!! After breakfast at around 9.30 we took the metro train red line all the way to Marne La Vallee-Cheesy, which is the last stop for Disneyland Paris.

For admission fee pls refer to their websites at

We purchased ours together with the euro star tickets for admission into Disneyland and Walt Disney Studio Park. They have 5 magical lands that consist of Main Street, Frontierland, adventureland, discoveryland and fantasyland. Of course my favourite would be the fantasyland with it’s magical kingdom, castle and knight in shining armour. Thou I have found mine still I could imagine myself dancing around in my glass slipper twirling to the sounds of fairies singing me a lullaby..ohhh back to life and reality, the day itself was sunny and full of sunshine. It was a fun and happy day.

I wish not to elaborate further on this trip cos I believe the picture speaks a thousand words. Have fun browsing!!


Mrs LVoe said...

i forgot to kirim FM huhuhu

Amelia Khalik said...

aiseh sha....nak bagi yg i beli pun dah habis stock!! sorry...