Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 12 Dubai

One of hubby ex uni friends are staying here. Uncle Ooi that’s what my children called him is a Malaysian working in dubai for the past 3 years. We were lucky enough to have him drove us around and as an unofficial tour guide..hehehe. I was all smiles cos it makes it so much easier to have someone who know his way around because of the time limit. I wanted to find some nice material for baju kurung for this coming raya and I got a total of 14 pieces altogether. Mind u it wasn’t all mine!!! Hehehe..i wish. Bought one for mom, sil, my bibik and one for mummycool and not forgetting my hubby, alif n allysha too. Yessss we all gonna have matching outfits!!! hahaha

We went to 3 different shops and once I’m done the next item on the menu is ‘MAKAN’ n more food. Alif thoroughly enjoyed his makan time too..i’ve never seen him so happy to get his’s a miracle!!! We were all so happy cos the beriani was superb!!! And yes I used to eat here too..our joint whenever we flew to dubai..the visitor restaurant is a must visit. Killer beriani and the juiciest mango juice ever!!!

After which like the malay proverb says ‘Gendang Gendut Tali Kecapi Kenyang Perut Suka Hati’. We left at around 11pm back to hotel.

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