Monday, May 25, 2009

To my 'sayang' with luv

8 years has passed since we took our vow
Still until today I feel it flow
I love u sayang high or low
Till forever I hope to grow

No marriage is like a bed of roses
It needs nurture in all the right places
You and me it takes togetherness
To build our dreams into happiness

Alif and allysha our heart and soul
In their eyes we found our joy
Together we will make it our goal
Taking care of our kids not like a toy

Thank you luv for sharing
I’m wanting it all and u ask nothing
For all u did was loving
My heart and being u always caring

On this meaningful day I hope to give
A little of what I know to be
Nothing big nothing to spree
Just a poem to you from me

-With all my heart and soul-

Amelia + Khalik


snowiffy said...

happy 8th anniversary! wish u both haooy always ;)

Amelia Khalik said...

Thanks yanie..insyallah. :)