Friday, May 15, 2009

How was ur day??? Mine?? not so pleasant...

I’m not a happy person/mom today. Reason being?? I’m tired..hhmmm I thought I have the energy of a 20 yrs old but boyyyy..was I wrong!!! The day started when I had to get my influenza jab as I’m traveling in less than 2 weeks. I had to wait 11/2 hrs in d clinic itself , too many sick ppl. The worst thing is the after effect as I’m having a sore in my right arm. According to the doctor it is normal and expect to have some discomfort .

Back home workers are mending to my leaking problem and the piano is due for service and a technician is on his way. Hmmm a house full of strangers and allysha just refused to nap!! I had to play and run after her not counting the tantrum showing and Play House Disney running on the tele and nothing else. Ohh god by 5.30 pm my whole body and mind is ready to shut down. Arrgghhhh..motherhood..who ever says it’s a bed of roses???

I was still thinking positive at that time UNTIL…it rained and my house started leaking!!! Bibik is running around with towels and buckets!!! What the heck!!! I was mad..mad..and MAD!! Hubby called the contracter and he came asap. Even though he apologized I was still amazed and puzzle at his answer…I mean..come on..i’m sure my house is not ur first job??? I mean yesss I understand it’s not quite complete but then again..dont u think u shud have covered

the roof with canvas in case it RAINS??? Uurrrgghhhhh…I am so gonna email s*** d**** if they did a shitty job on my house. And oh yeah..i do have the evidence in hand. That’s what camera are for!!!

It’s nearly 11pm now and guess what my super active baby girl just fall asleep..JUST, OKAY!!!..well no matter what they are still my hunny bunny. It’s okay sayang..mama is juz a bit tired today but tomorrow will be a difference story..i promised to be more lively and they’ll be plenty of hide and seek with u..hehehe. Looking at their sleeping faces makes all the agony fly away. So angelic and so peaceful. Sweet dream sayang…mama loves u both!!!

So..the question now..why don’t u sleep madam Amelia??? Busy blogging are u?? oohhh I thought u said ur tired?? What was that?? Ur hooked and cant sleep without a blog entry??? Hahaha..yeaahhh I’m getting delusional by now. Okay peeps..cheers!!!


Mrs LVoe said...

today byk org sad or mood not so good. thanks to ALLAH is friday. tmrw not working leh sha rest puas2..

Amelia Khalik said...

yea lah sha nasib baik dah weekend blh cool down and unwind with love ones..:)