Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday, Baskin Robins and Cyclone...

Alif and Allysha attended a birthday party 2day. The venue was Pusat Science Negara. I have never been there and for once I think it was a great place for education and entertainment in one!!! We arrived at 1.30 pm and the event kick start almost immediately. As usual there are a lot of kids around and I was quite relief when they told us that the adult will be having their refreshment on a different floor. Hehehe..not to be a mean mom or whatsoever but yeahhh I need peace and quite to enjoy my food! The kids were enjoying themselves and yeah I believe my son had a blast!

We left for One Utama afterwards where I had a filling dessert..hehehe..yuppp it’s a sin to be loving ice cream…I had banana split and alif had cotton candy. It is as delicious as the name itself. Indulgence, bliss that’s what I’ll call it. Before we left for home there is just one thing to get..dinner..yes I am hungry tonite but I will not be having rice but chic Nandos (hhmmm trying not to feel too guilty!!).

Our final pit stop was the car wash center. My kids has always been thrilled going for the cyclone car wash. Alif especially feel extreme excitement just by watching the machine and those big gigantic brushes. He would squirm and shriek in joy. I cant blame him for that cos I feel the same way too!! Hahaha.

We went back early for one reason only..AKADEMI FANTASIA…ahakkksss..’layannnn’.

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