Thursday, May 14, 2009

Activities from 11th to 13th May 09

Mon 11th May 09

More shopping. I’m crazy for Polo T at the moment and of course the colour tangerine is very much still part of my mood currently. I got this 3 shirts from British India. In our humid weather it does wonders to my skin and I sweat less when I’m wearing one of these. Truly a good buy.

Tues 12th May 09

Only groceries shopping for today..thehehe. I was so excited to find bagels in cold storage. I wonder why I never bothered to look for it at cold storage before??? I should have known better cos they carry mostly imported stuff that u don’t find in Giant or Tesco. Not only that I believe they have more than 20 types of virgin oil!!! Hah talking bout excessive!!! A good place to hunt for that ‘oversea food’ craving like my favorite boursin cheese.

After that it was ‘makan time’ and hubby was so lazy to walk around hunting food so we settle for the nearest restaurant that is Sushi King. I didn’t have a full lunch..i was supposed to be on diet..ahakksss…not until mom came later in the evening and I whacked full plate of rice and chix curry!!!

My Lunch

His Lunch

See what i mean..i didnt eat much..hehehe

Wed 13th May 09

I was at home in the morning cos we were having a minor problem with the house roofing and I just cant leave bibik alone tending to allysha while few of the workers was in the house. I went to pick up alif in the afternoon and then off to subang parade again. This time we headed straight to Toys r us. I have a calendar full of birthday parties this weekend and I have a total of 5 presents to get + one more for alif teachers day.

Alif was given a task picking up the presents but he was more eager in finding his!!! After much bargaining with him we finally left the store to have dinner. Like me my son is a sushi lover too, so this time round we went to Sakae Sushi instead. And as usual I didn’t have much..hahaha..yeaahhh right!!

Transformer for Alif

Power Ranger for Imran and Adam

He's having a tough time deciding

For Haziq, Rania and baby bro

Wanting more...but mom says no!

My sashimi salad

Just the two of us..for today

His dinner

this is how u eat sushi...hehehe

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