Sunday, May 10, 2009

This one is for 'Mak'

Mom…even though I know u will never read this blog of mine I wud like to pen down my thoughts of u. I adore u and wish I wud be as much like u as I cud. No amount of love or words can describe how special u are in my heart. Only Allah will understand. Not one day goes by when I don’t think of u..has my mom eaten today? Is she cooking for dad? Aaahhh how wonderful if I cud be with her and have lunch or dinner every single day. If only I cud have one wish that will be for u!!! I wish u will stay ageless forever and I cud have more time to spend with u and my kids will have plenty of time with grandma..that wud be my ultimate dream..but of course in reality I only have so much to ask.

It wasn’t long ago..that I was a teenager and I rebel at every single thing that has to do with u or dad. I used to disagree a LOT..with u both. But regret I have not for I come to realized what a pain and ungrateful being I was back then. I learn my lesson and hope that one day my children will never choose to disobey me and if they ever did they will understand sooner or later there is no important things in life other than family. Mom..u did a great job..look at me!!! I turn out fine..i managed to get married to a wonderful person and I have wonderful and adorable children. Thank u mom.

So on this day..or any other day..i’m reminding myself of how special and meaningful are ur presents in my life. God created an amazing human being and that’s u mom…try as hard as I cud but I couldn’t replace u with my best buddies or anyone else except Allah. Every single day I wud never forget to doa for ur health and well being for that is all I’m yearning for u to have. I wish u will find happiness and joy in every thing u do and that u are happy having us as ur children. Like it or not..we’re here to stay with u.

Mak….Happy mothers day.

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