Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Birthdays and Lunch meet up

Last Sunday was my nephew and sister in law birthday. Remember the gifts that I bought in previous entry?? Yup it was for last week events. Adam is 6 and my sil..eerrr not so sure..hehehe. it was a simple gathering for family and friends. There’s a cake cutting and makan2 session and after that just hang out catching up on things with each other.

On monday I decided to meet up with my old
buddy..mummycool aka ana. We meet up at her place in N**** and then off to this amazing restaurant called Aunty Aini’s. she served one of the most amazing daging masak lemak cili padi with belimbing..oh my tasted so good that I had to tapau (take away) for later. Even her asam pedas was magnificent!!! Delicious, tasty and good service. I truly enjoy my lunch there and the company too. It’s not often I get to see ana so we had a brief catch up session.

Nothing interesting happened today except that my house is restored back like before. No more leaking and most of the problems had been fixed. Overall I’m satisfied with the work done and relief too cos they managed to complete the job in less than 2 weeks.

Earlier tonite I went for jazzercise and feeling a bit sleepy now. I might retire early..till then..nite2 peeps!


Me, Mrs Taj said...

aunty aini tu tepi jln je kn? dekat dgn kota seriemas?

Amelia Khalik said...

Mrs Taj, this place dekat dgn Nilai Old Town. Dia terletak kat kampung chelet. But if u tanya org2 nilai i'm sure dia org tau cos the place is famous and sedap..sefamous owner nyer..hehehe :)

Cath J said...

cutenyerrr cup cake.. ^_^

Amelia Khalik said...

Cath..cute mom bake those..she got like disaster...hehehe