Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1 Day and counting...

Hey peeps, today might be my last entry before my long holiday. Yuuppp I’ll be absent for 17 days or more. It’s a family vacation + Anniversary gift. Maybe some of u are wondering where the heck I’m going..hehehe. Ok first stop wud be here:

Then here:

And finally here:

I will try my best to update my blog whenever I got the time or if I’m not too exhausted by end of the day. Hhmmmm bear in mind I’m traveling with a 6 yrs old and a 17 months toddler. So I’m expecting the worst..hehehe..but insyallah it’ll be a fun and enjoyable trip.

Pray for my safe journey guys. Thanks…till then ‘adios’


snowiffy said...

hv a safe journey n enjoy ur holiday to d fullest ya dear. best tu! london/paris/dubai..aiyoooo u such a luck woman la!!! sgt jeles ni..hehehe

Amelia Khalik said...

Hi yanie..alhamdulillah..ada rezeki lebih sket dapat lah jln2 dgn family. Thanks dear, insyallah mana tau lepas nie dgr u lak nak gi holiday ker??? hehehe