Saturday, May 23, 2009

I want..i look..i found..i buy...

I was surfing the other day and bump into this shoe was from Nine West range and it looks ohhh so me being me..yesterday i went to Mid Valley in search of something similar and i found these..yupp it was lurve at first sight..and's RED!!!

Nine West Montior

Red Guess Wedges

and to add more damage i went back to basic with 3 tees and a legging. Hhhmmm i guess enough to last me through the week..hehehe.

Basic Tees and leggings from Dorothy Perkins
And i'm already thinking of what to get tomorrow..hhhmmm..hubby is gonna confiscate his supplimentary card from me soon!!!
Sorry yang..i luv u!!! hehehe


snowiffy said...

nice catch amy! the wedges tu new arrival ke? sgt gorjes hokey!!! i pun nk satu. Guess here come!!!

Amelia Khalik said...

hahaha..dear get the one in black..canteekkkk but then masa i beli tuh takde size grab lah red nie..

snowiffy said...

i went to Guess OU new wing last nite with one mission~just to grab tis model in black but the SA said they nvr had tis model in shop. mana i nk cari ya??? end up rembatss charles n keith je..uwaaa!!!

Amelia Khalik said...

Alamak..kenapa SA tuh kata NEVER had..sah2 dia tak qatam lagi product2 guess nie..hehehe anyway i got mine kat Mid Valley and i'm sure they still have it there..go check it out.