Wednesday, October 28, 2009

'Telekung' For Sale!!!

On my recent trip to Kuching, i managed to grab a few 'telekung' from Serikin (Border of Sarawak n Kalimantan). Yes i'm planning to sell off few of the 'telekung'. Rest assured the price i'm giving away is way much cheaper than what u can get from the local seller here. Anyone interested do email me at For the moment i will only post these 2 pics. I hope the photo quality do justice to the real thing. It looks way much better in real life..hehehe.

RM 75, Inclusive of Bag..colours available - Pink, Purple n Blue

RM150..colours available - Blue, Purple and Pink

Anyway my trip would not be complete without something from Duty Free..and also to add more to my overwhelming collections..hahaha..tie rack scarfs n CD items. No..these r not for sale!!! :P



kaezrin said...

ingat u nak jual lipstik tuh..kakakakka..kalau u nk njual i nk kakakkakaka

Amelia Khalik said...

Elin..bukan senang makcik nak dapat lipstick trio!!! fm duty free lagi...wakakaka...