Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It Rains Beautifully....

It’s been a while since I let my creative juice flow..time envy me!!! I couldn’t even get my hands to do a simple crafting project!!! But today I managed to squeeze some limited time to get on with a bookmark project that I’ve been long to indulge!! I managed to find some amazing things at a local bookstore..i went wild with stickers and ribbons. Just to add more colours to brighten my mood. Well as u readers are aware I’ve been struck with a couple of saddened news lately..(the passing of relatives) and what better way to cheer myself up with a bit of colours in my life.

I’m planning another project real soon..to mark my coming birthday!!! *wink wink*..hahaha I’m getting old but young at heart. Well don’t worry so much about the number, I’m planning to age gracefully!!!...it’s raining as I did my crafting..it helps to soothe me and I’m happy with the outcome. Till next time..here’s a poem for u to enjoy..


Down came the rain
Lashing against my window pane
Instantly awake are my brain
For a little crafting keeping me insane

Tiny crystals soothing sound
To my ears a joyful melody
A drop of happiness I finally found
Thank you ‘Allah’ for it’s sung beautifully…


Abrahyn said...

creative nyer la hai...

Amelia Khalik said...

Hehehe..thanks beb..nie kerja kerastangan i..saja2 hobby..

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

wahhh rajin la u!
u mmg suka scrapping ek babe...i think u should get in touch with naddy (search under my blog list)..shes superb in scrapping nie :D

Amelia Khalik said...

Verde..yes i luv crafting..tapi buat hobby jer lahhh cos still cant find time to really indulged!! oohhh ya..i know naddy tapi tak pernah jumpa..i'm still waiting for few items that i ordered with her..hehehe..:)