Saturday, October 10, 2009

L u L u ?!?!

I was looking for a new toiletries bag to replace my old ones. My previous was a black Lancome bag, it’s spacious enough to dump all my beauty products and also hubby’s but I guess it’s time for a replacement.

I have always been a lazy bum..i have no patience whatsoever to climb one store and another looking for a toiletries bag and so what better way than to surf things up and then if I find anything interesting I’ll just locate the nearest store…and so I bump into ‘lulu australia’. Aarrgghhh drool at their many colourful collections and u will know what I mean..and yes..i did find the nearest store!!! *wink*.

Image from here:


MN said...


Abrahyn said...

i takde toiletries bag pun...selalu guna bag yg demc kasi free masa daftar masuk ward...hehehe sungguh tak kelasss i nih...tapi sekarang lagi hampeh, i guna bag yg bungkus baju T Jon cap BUM! eh...yg ni lagi besar blh isi byk benda...:p

Amelia Khalik said...

MN, Cute kan..kan..kan..berkenan tak??? hehehe

Abrahyn..hahaha..lawak lah u nie..ada ker bag bungkus t-shirt..kekeke. Bila nak upgrade???boleh i tolong belikan..hahaha

naddy said...

cutenya... :)

Amelia Khalik said...

Naddy yup can get one for ur crafting material..hehehe

Abrahyn said...