Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Games R Us...

Everyone has their own way of spending quality time with their families..be it just watching movies, or tally or even reading together. As for us it might sound weird but we enjoyed playing games at home. Sometimes with each other but most of the time we’ll do it individually.

My family is a gadget freak..and all this I must say r influenced from Mr Hubby aka ‘abah’. Some might think of it as unhealthy but for me as long as all things are settled then i'm ok. Alif done with his reading and mummy done with playing ‘mom’ hahaha..then it’s alright.

Yes my house is a kids n d 'BIG Boys' sanctuary..that much I must say... PS3, Nintendo Wii, G Force 2 Steering wheel, PSP and of course the much needed iphone for various downloaded games. At this moment my fav would be Uno and stoneloops. Yeaahhh we’re like a freaking kid when it comes to stuff like that…hahaha.

I believe they’re part of us deep inside that never wanna grow up and the best thing is we’re so alike..(me n hubby). At any given day esp during the weekends u will see us meddling with our own things (gadget) in hand. For me it’s a sight to behold!!! Hahaha.

I’m not at all shock if in the future my son Alif turns out to be a 'games developer'..who knows maybe he’ll earn millions one day!!! insyAllah..amiinnnn. Mummy will ‘doa’ for the best *wink*..


eynda said...

Amboi...paling best yg last tuuu ;-)

Abrahyn said...

antara byk2 yg u ada, i ada 1 je = psp...tu pun Ya Rabbi...sakitkan ati i jek sbb bila Jon main tak ingat donia! mencik!!! pastu game Ben 10 i dia buleh delete! mencikk!!! dah la game tu je yg i reti main...huhuhu (eh, ape haku membebel nih?) sorry nyah...:p

Amelia Khalik said...

Eynda..haah yg last tuh yg palingggg i sayang..hehehe

Abrahyn..haiyooo beli lah lagi satu for urself..tak yah rebut2..kekeke