Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feng Shui n Jade

Do u believe in feng shui??? I know a thing or two about feng shui but never an expert. As long as it is not against our beliefs and not superstition I guess it’s ok to have a sense of acceptance towards things like that. For example..i have a koi pond right in the middle of my house/courtyard and one of the important things I look for when buying a house is that it must be airy and have lots of windows/sliding doors.

My staircase is facing directly the front@main door and so I built a partition to block the area in between. I have no particular reason in doing so but my instinct says that it was a good move as I don’t think it’s a good idea for my guest to be greeted by a view of a staircase when they entered the house. And I also love money plant. I have plenty of it around the house. Those who is a feng shui expert will probably know the reason of why the koi fish, money plant and the partition existed. For me it is not only coincidence but also it did me no harm in believing that those are part of the aura that brings positive energy in my household. Of course apart from Allah’s will and blessing.
My recent charm purchased is from Qacac and I choose jade and aventurine to adorn the beautiful creation and masterpiece that Rina did for me. It is by far the most beautiful bracelet/charm I ever owned. Thank you Rina!!! It looks so grand on my skinny wrist..hehehe.

According to the Chinese feng shui ‘jade is said to be the stone of heaven and wearing jade is not only to confer greater health and vitality, but also to ward off back luck and misfortune. Jade is so multi-faceted in its meanings and qualities that it has virtually unlimited potential for use as a feng shui enhancement or cure for your home or for your personal adornment.’

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But anyway..i’m just loving this charm cos it looks great with my many2 white shirts!!! Hahahaha…:P


Abrahyn said...

yup! its extremely gorjesss with white shirt!!! try it and tepek here ok...:D

Amelia Khalik said...

Abrahyn..thanks dear wokay bila Ada gamba I tepek yekkk..