Saturday, August 8, 2009

White from Bhaju2

White is the colour of an angel
So pure so true like a plain bagel
Like a light at the end of a tunnel
Reflections of life as bright as the TV channel

Oh love like a rose in a bloom
Make the day as bright as a groom
Inspirations and ideas grow like a mushroom
Keep treasured like a heirloom

Plain and simple the basic of thee
To be worn pretty and oh so free
To the eyes it’s a soothing glee
Paired with a nice pants and u will see…


Abrahyn said...

wah boleh juga u ni berpoem....serba boleh...kat ne beli nih? cantik arr...i pon suka putih

Amelia Khalik said...

Abrahyn..beli kat bhaju2 subang parade. i love white too and yesss mmg suker berpuisi..hehehe